Neutralize Ph Lab

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Purpose: To find the pH of different household items and to see what substances are acids or bases. To see how different substances neutralize each other.
Hypothesis: I hypothesize that cleaning products will be bases and foods and substances we ingest will be acids.
• Oil
• Finesse Shampoo
• Anti Freeze
• Drain Opener
• Hand Soap
• Vinegar
• Oxy clean
• Pine-Sol
• Hydrogen Peroxide
• Apple Juice
• Ammonia
1. All materials were gathered, and safety goggles were put on.
2. Small pieces of pH paper were put into spots on the spot pate.
3. Three drops of each liquid were put onto into the spots on the spot plate (with pH paper).
4. The color of the pH paper was noted to determine the pH of each substance.
5. A result of the pH level of each substance was recorded in an observation chart.
6. Two acids and one base were determined for neutralizing.
7. Two drops of one acid (vinegar) and the base (drain cleaner) were combined in a spot plate with a piece of pH paper.
8. Drops of
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The results showed that most household substances were acids.
1. How do the results from this lab affect your knowledge and use of common household products?
This lab shows that many things we use work because of their acidity or alkalinity.

2. Which products were the most acidic? Which products were the most alkaline?
Oil, Finesse Shampoo, hand soap, vinegar, oxy clean, pine-sol, hydrogen peroxide, and apple juice were more acidic. Drain opener was most

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