Testing Water Quality

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In this lab we will be testing the water quality of the Lewis and Clark Lake. We will be testing to see if the water is good quality and good for the fish and creatures that need that water to live. The first step is to extract the water from the lake and analyze the way it looks. We should write down the description of the water. The second step is to take it to the lab to test the water for pollutants and to test the quality of the water.
Ph. is a measure of the hydrogen ion concentration of a solution. Solutions with a high concentration of hydrogen ions have a low pH and solutions with low concentrations of H+ ions have a high ph. Orange juice and coke have a low pH, but bleach and oven cleaner have a high pH ("What is pH"). Rainwater
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The nitrogen in the ecosystem is from natural events. Nitrates are mostly ammonium and nitrate. This compound is used in the ecosystem for the growth, repair, and reproduction of plants. Nitrogen appears in a lot of natural processes. Some plants take atmospheric nitrogen and convert it to nitrogen that they can actually use. By burning forests, grasslands, and fossil fuels this releases nitric oxide into the air. When it goes into the air it can become acid rain and photochemical smog. This is how it can get into the water, because the rain comes down and gets into the bodies of water ("Nitrates in Ecosystems and Drinking Water"). Nitrates in drinking water have become a large problem. It is highly dangerous especially in infants and babies. When nitrate or nitrogen enters the water we drink our bodies react very poorly. The nitrates will attach to your hemoglobin. This is very threatening because when it attaches it doesn’t allow the cell to carry oxygen. It is less threatening to adults, but it is very bad for younger kids. No babies have died from this in the United States because of EPA 's rule that drinking water can have 10 ppm of nitrogen. In Europe; however, their water has 2,000 ppm. Infants have been reported to die in Europe because of nitrate pollution. Too much nitrogen in the water can also lead to miscarriages and brain damage ("Nitrate in Ecosystems and Drinking

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