Water Pollution In Florida

Water is Florida’s best natural resource in the Sunshine State simply because it surrounds all of Florida and it is what draws people to our state. There are two big beautiful oceans that surround the state of Florida. There are also several lakes, rivers, springs and other bodies of water. Although, the biggest problem in Florida is the pollution going into Florida’s waterways; everyone has a role on the pollution. Homeowner’s are a part of the problem because they are trying to keep their lawns green and lush by using fertilizer and pesticides that eventually run into some type of body of water (Call and Stephenson). Some are considered polluted because the high levels of dissolved oxygen and some have fecal bacteria (Dunn). Typhoid, hepatitis, …show more content…
“The state is moving forward to purchase 72,800 acres of sugar and citrus holdings in order to lessen over-drainage and horrendous pollution” (Three Battles). “Now, in a stunning and complex development, U.S. Sugar Corp. is willing to sell its property at a reasonable price ($7,000 an acre). This would allow a flow way that could restore much ground water and ultimately prevent much of the wasteful discharges to sea” (Three Battles). “Passed in 1992, the Clean Vessel Act (CVA) reduces pollution from vessel sewage discharges, prohibiting the discharge of raw sewage into fresh water or within coastal salt-water limits” (Clean Vessel Act). The CVA is a great way for boater’s to safely dump sewage from boats. “The CVA grant program has prevented more than 13 million gallons of sewage from entering into Florida 's waterways (Clean Vessel Act). One way to stop some of the pollution is to limit the number of people that can move to an area by a body of water. “The East point sewage treatment plan in polluting a swamp which leads into a tributary of Apalachicola Bay and River” (Apalachicola). The thing holding all this fixing up is the cost. Floridians will see a 46% property tax hike up to fund this $360 million environmental experiment says

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