Effects Of Water Pollution In Florida

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Water is Florida’s best natural resource in the Sunshine State simply because it surrounds all of Florida and it is what draws people to our state. There are two big beautiful oceans that surround the state of Florida. There are also several lakes, rivers, springs and other bodies of water. Although, the biggest problem in Florida is the pollution going into Florida’s waterways; everyone has a role on the pollution. Homeowner’s are a part of the problem because they are trying to keep their lawns green and lush by using fertilizer and pesticides that eventually run into some type of body of water (Call and Stephenson). Some are considered polluted because the high levels of dissolved oxygen and some have fecal bacteria (Dunn). Typhoid, hepatitis, cholera, gastroenteritis, and other waterborne diseases could be located in these waters as well (Clean Vessel Act). …show more content…
Some way or another the pollution in the water is killing a type of species. Even if it does not affect one species as bad, somewhere down the food chain their food is dying because the pollution, which will kill other species. The hundreds of billions of gallons of polluted fresh water wiped out fundamental wildlife affecting thousands of species up and down the two coasts (Three Battles). The biggest thing holding government officials back from fixing all these problems is the amount of money it will take to fix them. A one weekend boater can put the same amount of bacterial pollution into water as the sewage of 10,000 people (Clean Vessel Act). The exceeding population of people more than 150% moving to Florida and moving right around the areas of lakes and springs are causing more pollution into the water (Call and Stephenson). Sugar and citrus is another problem that is causing pollution (Three

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