The Everglades Foundation Analysis

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The Everglades Foundation is focused on restoring the Everglades and surrounding estuaries to a natural state for clean water access for the people of Florida. Katz and Light would both agree that restoration should be done but they have differing views on restoration. Katz believes that it creates domination over nature and Light believes in non-dominant restoration. In this paper, I will discuss the two views and how it applies to the Everglades Foundation. As I explain these positions I will develop my reasoning and formulate my position on the foundation. My thesis is that I believe that the Everglades Foundation is headed in a reasonable direction in terms of restoration.
One part of Katz’s argument is being in agreement with Elliot
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Initially he would be displeased that the foundation wants to restore the waterways for people’s water supply. In fact, one project called the “Central Everglades Planning Project” is focused on water storage, water quality, and water distribution. Also, looking further into the website the foundation has a greater purpose by restoring the waterways so that the lakes, rivers, and estuaries are able to flow naturally southward instead of heading in other directions. However, Katz would still argue that the foundation encompasses a domination over nature concept because they are shaping the environment for human use instead of allowing some room for freedom and …show more content…
This can be developed through restoration because it allows humans to realize mistakes from the past and learn from them. Light says that it teaches humans to think about the consequences of their actions and working to prevent or even fix the mistakes. Indeed, the foundation admits that in the past people have damaged the waterway supply for agricultural and housing purposes. The foundation is trying to mend those mistakes to return the waters natural flow so that it can provide accessible water to the Everglades. However, Light’s only criticism is that the foundation does not focus on building a relationship with nature. It may be true that the beginnings of this project is helping to form that relationship but Light believes that a relationship goes beyond an obligation. Light might come to believe that the foundation sees restoration only as an obligation rather an also seeing value that the environment

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