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  • The Everglades Foundation Summary

    The Everglades Foundation is focused on restoring the Everglades and surrounding estuaries to a natural state for clean water access for the people of Florida. Katz and Light would both agree that restoration should be done but they have differing views on restoration. Katz believes that it creates domination over nature and Light believes in non-dominant restoration. In this paper, I will discuss the two views and how it applies to the Everglades Foundation. As I explain these positions I will develop my reasoning and formulate my position on the foundation. My thesis is that I believe that the Everglades Foundation is headed in a reasonable direction in terms of restoration. One part of Katz’s argument is being in agreement with Elliot in that restoration of nature does not restore the original value. Katz’s most important argument is that through restoration humans are dominating over nature. Even though Katz knows that restoration is beneficial, humans are at error for thinking that they can shape nature for their own benefit. He is not making humans a caricature, he just wants to prevent people from thinking anthropocentrically in terms…

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  • Burmese Pythons In The Everglades

    The Burmese Pythons in The Everglades Have you heard about Burmese pythons? These snakes may be pretty cool to you at first. Once they get too big you might not know what to do with them. In addition, more and more people have decided to release these snakes in the wild, which has become a problem. In the Florida Everglades this is an issue due to tens of thousands of snakes that are trying to survive. However, this is negatively affecting the ecosystem. Burmese pythons have altered the…

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  • Burmese Python Research Paper

    The Burmese Python, which is an invasive species that rules the Everglades National Park, is extremely dangerous. According to Tarshis, “full grown pythons are the kings and queens of the Everglades” because they eat so much (8). These invaders cause so much pain and destruction. There were bird lovers in Hawaii, and they wanted the rats to go away from the fields. “The bird lovers ordered 73 Indian Mongooses from Jamaica. The plan that they hoped mongooses would help the rat population,…

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  • Four Types Of Natural Capital

    These four functions are known as regulation, carrier, production, and information. Below are the explanations and examples of each by using the Florida Everglades as an example before human development and habitation. The Florida Everglades is North America’s largest swamp; wetland ecosystem and consisted of 18,000 square miles forming a watershed starting in central Florida from the Kissimmee River areas and extended down to the southern Florida Bay until the Florida Keys. Regulation by…

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  • Essay On Seminole Indians

    Amongst all the Native American tribes in the history of the United States, the Seminole Indians are one of the most notable tribes to ever exist. They first originated in North Florida and then even moved south to the area around the Everglades. Proof that this tribe was dominant is the fact that it still exists today. While land expansion continued in the Early America days, the Native Americans were commonly forcefully removed out of their land. However, the Seminoles refused to surrender…

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  • Essay On Burmese Python

    pythons were not brought here by mistake. When the python gets too large, some pet owners will let their python free. Burmese pythons have invaded Florida’s ecosystem in the Everglades. The Burmese python has an extraordinary lifestyle. All snakes are cold blooded reptiles. The Burmese python likes to stay in warm places like a hot rock. Burmese pythons are carnivores that mainly eat small animals. “ Burmese pythons are carnivores and survive primarily on small birds and mammals”…

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  • The Everglades

    Journalist, author, environmental activist, and founder of Friends of the Everglades, Marjory Stoneman Douglas, said in her book, The Everglades: River of Grass, “There are no other Everglades in the world. They are, they have always been, one of the unique regions of the earth; remote, never wholly known. Nothing anywhere else is like them…” (Douglas) The Everglades are located in the southern part of Florida. The Everglades National Park was established on December 6, 1947. The reason the park…

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  • Pine Jog Fellowship

    Storm water treatment areas work to reduce the amount of phosphorous that makes it into the Everglades. Both submerged and emergent vegetation reduce the amount of phosphorous in the water from one hundred or two hundred parts per billion all the way down to thirteen parts per billion. The Clean Water Act is what makes it necessary to have a low amount of nutrients in the water. Water conservation is also very necessary to make sure that Florida has a large enough water supply for the future.…

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  • Analysis: The Orchid Thief

    I think that this is what most developers see when they draft a design to build. A group of seven scientists got together and performed three experiments relating to rainfall in South Florida in 1900, 1973, and 1993 with 1900 providing the baseline; rainfall decreased nine percent in 1973 and eleven percent in 1993 (pg.1663). I believe that this shows that the more developed the land became the lower amount of rainfall it received. Pielke Sr. et al. (1999) writes “Much of the rainfall on which…

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  • Essay On Everglades

    The Florida's Everglades is the first national park made for it’s astounding native animals, plants and environment but, not for it’s scenery. It was the first national park created to save its environment. Ernest F. Coe convinced the government to make the Everglades a national park. The ruff sawgrass usually doesn’t hurt the alligators. There are low areas channel water that comes from Lake okeechobee. Theses shallow areas cover most of the Everglades, ,making it hard from boats to drive…

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