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  • Indiana Wetlands Essay

    Introduction Wetlands are an important part of our ecosystem and perform diverse roles in the environment. The characteristics of a wetland begin with saturated ground for a significant part of the year, but does not need to completely saturated year round. A wetland can be seasonally flooded (Tiner). The wetlands in Indiana perform a vital role in water purification and some general flood protection. A part for these roles a diverse plant group is adapted and more prevalent among wetlands. Wetlands are a complicated part of the ecosystem and come in a multitude of different forms. Swamps for example are dominated by woody species, and have two more specific classifications, shrub or forested. Other wetland types include bogs which are characterized by the spongy soil and low nutrient levels or fens which are similar to bogs but less acidic and more nutrient rich (Wetlands). These wetlands add to…

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  • South Carolina Ecosystem Essay

    The city of Beaufort where I reside has an amazing high of 336 square miles of water versus 583 square miles of land. Beaufort,S.C is surrounded by many wetlands. Upon doing some research I found that this state has "5 major types of wetlands palustrine (marshes and swamps), riverine (wetlands associated with rivers and streams), lacustrine (wetlands associated with lakes), marine wetlands (saltwater inter-tidal areas associated with the ocean), and estuarine wetlands (brackish water areas where…

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  • Essay On Bog Mummies

    While harvesting peat soil for plants, you come upon a body. The body looks like it could have happened a month ago. You question yourself, is this a recent murder scene? However, it is a murder from thousands of years ago. Bog mummies are people that were accidentally mummified many years ago. They were people that were usually violently killed in sacrifice and thrown into a bog. They believed that bogs were a connection to the gods. The bog mummies were wonderfully preserved people,…

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  • Florida's Everglades Research Paper

    Everyone in this world values something. Some people value an electronic device, a blanket, their parents, but what about a home? Some people in this world aren't lucky enough to have a home. It's reasonable to say you value your parents because they put a roof over your head, but when you leave to live on your own, what happens then? You have to find a way to live on your own, same as the animals and plants in Florida's Everglades. No not only Florida's Everglades, but the wetlands of the…

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  • The Importance Of Birds In The Woodlands Of Westfield

    to favor one habitat over the other. From our hypothesis, we believe birds are going to be more numerous by the Westfield River than the wetland and will be more active during the morning. Question Where are birds going to be most commonly spotted at walking distance from Westfield State University, the wetland or the westfield river floodplain forest? Background:…

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  • Riparian Zone

    as a filter strip to attenuate sediment, pollutant, and nutrient runoff, and as a wildlife habitat, all wrapped into one. Riparian buffers also act as corridors, connecting one forest segment to another, which aids in the movement of migratory wildlife and those with larger home ranges. To explore the significance of these areas, one must look at how they function simultaneously to serve as wildlife corridors, filters, and stream shade. Under most circumstances, managing for wildlife should…

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  • Acid Mine Drainage

    to combat acid mine drainage is to remediate the contaminated water, especially by using natural means like neutralizing the drainage's acidity and constructing wetlands; therefore preventing further damage to the environment. To understand the horrific consequences of acid mine…

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  • Louisiana Bay Wetlands

    Louisiana Costal Wetlands: Save the Big Easy Across the United States, there are over six million acres of wetland, that shelter countless species of fish, birds, and animals. The nation’s largest coastal wetlands are located in the southern part of the country along the entire Louisiana shoreline. “Louisiana wetland is the perfect habitat for oysters, shrimp, crabs and home to the most abundant fisheries in the world. Louisiana accounts for about thirty percent of the countries’…

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  • The Siphumeleles Wetlands Case

    Siphumelele wetland was assessed by 10 participants. All the participants were compared to participant 2 (control), who is a specialist on wetlands and has over 20 years’ experience on working with wetlands. The overall results (indicated in Figure 2 and Figure 3) in this case are the combination of the results from the assessment of the impact on the wetland of land-cover types present within the wetland, and an assessment of the impact on the wetland of land-cover types present within the…

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  • Essay On Louisiana Wetlands Protection

    important that Louisiana’s wetlands protection is ensured since it helps protect the coast from hurricanes and storms, they provide a home for wildlife, and is a part of Louisiana’s culture. Louisiana’s wetlands and coast provide protection from storms and hurricanes. Without the help of the wetlands and coast, storms will cause more storm surge, causing more flooding. Also, they protect the state from high winds by powering down the storm. Take for instance, some of the last few storms have…

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