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  • What Happened To Mary Maloney's Murder?

    Mary Maloney had now moved out of the house where she killed her husband Patrick. She moved into a small apartment where she was going to raise her unborn child she was a month away till it's due date. She didn't know its gender. So she decorated the nursery with Winnie the pooh characters. Mary thought about how she killed Patrick often and how she had gotten away with it so easily. But she did wonder if he would have been a good father if would have helped put the bed together, and help pick out names and what names he would have chosen? Mary still keeps in touch with the officers at the station He worked at they had no clue that they ate the weapon used in Patrick's murder. About 2 weeks before the due date Mary has been experiencing pain and discomfort. She went to the hospital, a nurse with beautiful blond hair and blue eyes that had a name tag that said “ Jackie” said, “Mrs.Maloney you're in labor”. Mary Maloney was in shock she though she had another 2 weeks. After 6 hours Marry gave birth to a baby girl he named her Chloe after her Aunt. She was so happy, Chloe had very similar facial features to her father they had the same nose and ears she looked like him closer to the end of his life bald. Mary giggled at that. May had no time to tell anyone she was in labor or that she had given birth. So she began…

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  • Thomas King You Ll Never Believe What Happened Summary

    The chapter “‘You’ll Never Believe What Happened’ Is Always a Good Place to Start” from the Native Narrative “The Truth About Stories” by Thomas King explores the twisting path of how stories configure who we are, how we interpret, and how we interact with the world around us. Thomas King uses detailed examples in his writing that exceed what he is trying to say. For instance, as a narrator, he tells a story about the moment he discovered what happened to his Father. The narrator's Father…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Road Trip To California

    Have you ever been on a road trip and then everything falls apart? I’m talking screaming siblings, hungry family, and most of all feeling uncomfortable the whole drive. Well, this is exactly what happened to my family on our 2016 road trip to California. Not to mention we had everything planned. Every place, cost, time, and snack. What could have possibly gone wrong? For as far back as I can remember, every other summer my family has taken a long journey to Southern California to visit…

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  • The Four Braves: A Fictional Narrative

    You know them. Say one thing, do the other. I’d reckon they thought I was lyin’ to ‘em or cheatin’ ‘em.” But that was a lie. John knew what was going on. He was supposed to trade their beads, food, weapons, and ammunition for the pelts. These pelts were going to be sold to people in the States or in Europe for a MUCH higher profit, worth more than the beads, food, weapons, and ammunition combined. But the trade had gone sour due to John accidentally dropping his firearm, which shot at the…

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  • Lazarus Literary Analysis

    The in-between place that Lazarus seems to reside in is exemplified in the how he is alive to his mother while he is physically dead. Brik imagines that while the letter carrying the news of Lazarus’ death traveled across the ocean “Lazarus was still alive for her...then she got the letter from Olga and read it and reread it...thinking up misunderstandings that could be undone so he could be restored to life” (Lazarus 74). In this imagining, Lazarus is both alive and dead, while maintaining the…

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  • Cot Wetter-Personal Narrative

    donkey. As I was sleeping, I was hallucinating that I was going to the bathroom. Im sure you can predict where things went from there. Without going into detail, I wet my cot. I suddenly opened my eyes looking down at my pants… Drip, drop ! I big wet mark surrounded my pants. I knew exactly what happened. I quickly whispered “Oh brother.” I slowly got up knowing what was held in stock in just a moment. But as I peeped up in embarrassment, with my face blushing tomato red, my body shaking, and…

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  • My Tutoring Experience

    friends until 4:30pm then I told them I had to go, that’s when I went to pay the Georgia power bill that my ma asked me to pay. Then I went to the parking lot of where my tutoring session was, I was very tired this particular day but I was used to this. I walked in with my ACT book and calculator because I had math this day. I was greeted with a warm smile feeling welcomed.by instructors soon as I walked in and headed back to the table and got started and asked questions on what I was told to…

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  • Argumentative Essay On Austin Wiseman

    On April 13, 2017, a very shocking and scary thing happened. One of my best friends got hit by a train around 3:10 while he was in his car. So right after school. His name is Austin Cole Wiseman. At 7:16PM one of my friends texted me and said “Did you hear about Austin Wiseman?” and I said, “ No! What happened?”. She said he was driving with a 15 year old girl and their car was hit by a train and they are both in critical condition.” I thought she had been joking at first, even though she…

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  • Personal Narrative: Dark Images

    Dark images remain etched in my mind. During the time I entered my teen years something happened to alter my life. The memory echoing sounds heard at the beginning of that faithful night. A symphony of snaps and the soft crackling sounding in chorus effectively expressing a non-threatening occurrence taking place. The smoke was intoxicating, consequently, lulling us to sleep. Gently, I would wake unable to move; unsuspecting to me, my body being consumed with fumes. I could hear a still slight…

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  • Lack Of Communication And The Media Log

    groups, because I feel that I’m very independent. My past group projects didn’t go so well because it’s always that one that don’t want to work. There were lots of problems that happened within our team because of lack of communication. I wasn’t sure what I can do about it, the understanding and planning just wasn’t there, especially about the media log task. We all seemed a little overwhelmed by this assignment and it made it very hard to complete. I became very tired and worried as the due…

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