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  • Creative Writing: Rape Joke

    hole and no one can hear my screams. I lay in bed thinking about what I have done to myself. My mom and dad don’t understand they try to, but after what happened no one will understand. I can explain it over a million times but I can never understand it for them. My parents, well my parents think I am better now because of my medication and therapy bull shit, they like to forget about what happened to me. They can’t forget. I can’t forget. Every time I close my eyes I see flashes of what happened and chills run up and down my spine. Fear overcomes my body as I lay restless. I like to be treated…

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  • Facebook The Mean Girls And Me Analysis

    the past stuff behind. She closely followed up on the people from the past wondering if they had changed their mean ways from child hood. She finally wonders if she is really over what happened to her as a child.…

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  • What Is My First Impression Essay

    where she is at, but there was no answer. The girls go back to the party to find Destiny, they ask people who were at the party if they had seen her, but no one did. Keondrane’ and Kei’Amber chose to leave Destiny and go back to their house, hopefully, she would show up in the morning. The girls are halfway home and are furious at the fact that Destiny is nowhere to be found. Kei’Amber hears her phone going off and when she looks at her phone sees that the call is from the police station. Both…

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  • Personal Narrative: Upperclassman Year At Affton High School

    hope this semester goes by fast, Then I arrive in art class, same old art teacher from last semester, Mr.Breuer, but I did not know anybody in the class, everyone was upperclassman and well I did not know any of them. I look around at all these upperclassman and I just stumble upon this one person, I had never seen this person before, were they a senior? Junior? Sophomore? I had it in my mind that this girl was not a freshman, there was no way, I had not seen her in any of my classes last…

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  • Boy In The Striped Pajamas Theme

    Bruno’s dad , the antagonist, took the Jewsjews homes and took them to a concentration camp. The antagonist are the the german soldiers and Bbrunos dad, Ralph. The german soldiers were very mingy taking the Jjewish homes. The conflict begins when bruno got even more curious about Jewsjews people when the teacher mention “ Jewsjews are bad people”. Bruno becomes more involved that he wants to prove that some Jewishjewish can be friendly. After bruno discover the place what he calls a “farm” over…

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  • Parents Should Not Work In Children's Division

    reading this book I think it’s better if I not work with children’s division. I mean any type of abuse towards someone who can defend or protect themselves. I have a kind heart I always try to look out for the little people. I can see myself trying to take in these kids into my home and take care of them to make a different life for them. I know I can’t do that because that would cross so many boundaries and make dual relationships. I also have a problem with letting things go these situations…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: The Drive To Long Road

    We had already exchanged insurance information, and he contacted his parents to clarify what was going to happen. His parents had suggested we contact the police to further investigate who was at fault. The anxiety and guilt kicked in once the cops were called. Just hearing the word “cop” put a sour taste in my mouth. No illegal activity was pursued but the authority cops had over normal day to day citizens was intimidating. My hands clenched up in nervousness, and we both waited there in…

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  • Mr. Jacks: A Narrative Fiction

    “Let the adventure begin!” Kate exclaimed with curiosity and worry in her voice. Mr. Jacks then exchanged a glance with his bulldog and winked. Kate could smell the fresh, crisp air of the forest. She felt quite dizzy and her vision was blurry so she lay down next to a huge oak tree. She saw Mr. Jacks and his bulldog peering down at her. “What happened?” Kate inquired. “You passed out, it is probably the effect of dehydration and sleep deprivation. Lets go find a stream to get some fresh…

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  • Personal Narrative: The Day I Was In The Fire

    The Fire Once upon a time my mom told me that me that when I was only 1 year old I was in a fire this is how it happened, my mom was laying on the golden brown blanket in the hotel and iI was next to her then she got a phone call from my dad,he was wondering what she wanted for lunch and dinner at the store so they made a grocery list than my mom smelt smoke it smelt bitter and rotten it was gross, and told my dad to call her back she grabbed me and walked to the door and the smoke smell got…

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  • My Tutoring Experience

    friends until 4:30pm then I told them I had to go, that’s when I went to pay the Georgia power bill that my ma asked me to pay. Then I went to the parking lot of where my tutoring session was, I was very tired this particular day but I was used to this. I walked in with my ACT book and calculator because I had math this day. I was greeted with a warm smile feeling welcomed.by instructors soon as I walked in and headed back to the table and got started and asked questions on what I was told to…

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