Where the Wild Things Are

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  • Where The Wild Things Are

    Illustrations “Where the Wild Things Are”, by Maurice Sendak is a very popular children’s literature book that was published in 1963. It is an illustration book that not only targets children, but adults as well. In Sendak’s, Where the Wild Things Are, the main Character is a young boy named Max. Max is seen being mischievous wearing a wolf costume, storming around the house, until his mother sends him to his room and denies him supper. Max begins to feel angry. He then goes to his room, where he begins to dig deep into his imagination. As his anger grows the grass begins to grow until his room becomes some type of wild jungle. He then imagines big tall scary looking monsters. Though the words describe these animals…

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  • Where The Wild Things Are Analysis

    Elizabeth Ross is the owner of a dance company in Birmingham called DANCEe. Last year, she choreographed a performance based on the storybook Where The Wild Things Are. This performance was a combination of contemporary “modern” dance and hip-hop. Both of these styles are very misunderstood, and many people do not consider them as actual dance. Both styles are legitimate art. They have a lot of hard work put into them, and can bring you some type of enjoyment. That enjoyment can be emotional or…

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  • Analysis Of The Movie Where The Wild Things Are

    Most kids are in a hurry to grow up, and don’t realize what growing up actually means To grow up. Most times kids lash out at their parents because they feel their parents are being too hard on them. Kids often do not realize what parents do to keep them safe and take care of them. When a child is raised in a split house where they share their time between mom and dad’s house tend to act out emotionally. Watching the movie Where the Wild Things Are, a similar dynamic in a little boy named Max…

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  • The Literary Elements In Where The Wild Thigs Are

    literary elements in Where the Wild Thigs Are, work together in harmony through the use of vivid illustrations. Sendak’s depictions of an enchanted land full of monsters and imagination, set the perfect tone for the characterization of the main character Max. Though most of the story takes place in this wild land, I feel it is important to address the story begins and ends with Max being in his room. As a child my room was “my space”, my room was a place where I was the boss. Max’s room was a…

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  • Persuasive Essay On Wild Animal Captivity

    Where the Wild Things Are If someone says they love animals but they pay money to see them in captivity, can they be trusted? Animals all over the world are put into captivity just for the entertainment of others instead of leaving them in their natural habitats so they can continue the circle of life. Putting a wild animal in captivity can cause zoochosis which then leads to serious health issues for it. Wild animals should be left in their natural habitat instead of being put into captivity…

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  • Wild Things Are

    Where the Wild Things Are Listening I would read the students the story Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak as a read aloud during a whole group setting. I would then allow the students to create their own “wild thing” by using miscellaneous items, such as paper plates; construction paper; markers; crayons; glue; scissors; magazines; toilet/paper towel rolls, etc. I would also put the book in the listening literacy center where students would be able to listen to the story using type…

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  • The Importance Of The Book Can Change A Person's Life

    educational, sporty, exciting, or even dangerous. To read and write is a gift; actually a blessing. We learn it at an early age and our ability grows as we get older. I, for one, took enjoyment in learning how to do these things. When I was a child, of course the picture books were the best. I mean, at that age, I didn’t really have the visualization skills to see the book on my own just from words, versus how I am today. So, I loved having the pictures in books as a visual aid. I was reading…

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  • Where The Wild Things Are Book

    like to encourage you to read Where The Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak to your child. This picture book written in 1963 is an imaginative story about a boy who dreams of a far away land where he is king of the “wild things”. Even though this book only consists of 10 sentences, Sendak’s words and illustrations tell a story that is easy for any child to relate to. This iconic book will be beneficial to read to your child because it will give you a chance to teach them important life lessons.…

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  • The Wild Lamassu

    Where The Wild Lamassu Are I chose this particular limestone masterpiece made in Iraq in 750 BCE, for the Assyrian palace, because I felt a personal connection with the Lamassu. Growing up, my family had many statues such as the large and beautiful four seasons around the yard that tower over a human, mythical creatures hidden in the gardens and trolls from Norway hidden around the house spontaneously scaring guests. Also, as a child my favorite book was Where the Wild Things Are, The Lamassu…

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  • Where The Wild Things Are Movie Analysis

    Where the wild things are in 1963 published by Maurice Sendak and also the story of the same name was made into a movie by Spike Jonze in 2007. It was a different experience to read the book (where the wild things are) and to watch the movie. The producers also made changes that made the movie more appealing to a diverse audience. This essay will talk about what the differences are between the book and the movie of the same name. The book ‘’Where the Wild Things Are’’ is a children’s story that…

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