Persuasive Essay On Wild Animal Captivity

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Where the Wild Things Are If someone says they love animals but they pay money to see them in captivity, can they be trusted? Animals all over the world are put into captivity just for the entertainment of others instead of leaving them in their natural habitats so they can continue the circle of life. Putting a wild animal in captivity can cause zoochosis which then leads to serious health issues for it. Wild animals should be left in their natural habitat instead of being put into captivity because although it can help save their species and provide entertainment for people, it is detrimental to their health and can cause them to die faster, harbor nasty diseases that can not only harm one another but also humans, and also cause them to …show more content…
Making a wild animal travel can cause massive amounts of stress for them which in turn makes them ill; and when these animals harbor an illness, it can give it to humans as well. There have multiple cases where children have caught illnesses from going to petting zoos. Not only that, but a lot of baby animals are put into these petting zoos because they are typically perceived to be cuter. These baby animals need to to be nurtured by their mothers, not left by them to go sit by a fence to get hand-fed food that is not what they normally eat in the wild. Plus, the baby animal cannot develop correctly. What happens when the animal is no longer a cute baby? They are usually sent off to a slaughterhouse or auctioned off to be a part of another horrible environment ( But, it is a fun time for the people and a real money-making for the owners of the petting zoo, so that makes it okay, right? Sure, if the fact that the illnesses that can be contracted from these zoos is not talked about. A 13 year old girl, Katie Maness, visited a petting zoo in a North Carolina fair; a few days after attending it, she was admitted to the hospital for 6 days because she caught E. Coli. Of course, not every petting zoo will give someone this illness, but it is still very likely and should be taken as a serious

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