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  • Essay On Werewolves

    Werewolves’ come in different categories, Alpha, Beta and Omega. Many of these particular icons are seen in films, movies and television. People seem to desire having supernatural creatures playing on their flat screens. Every werewolf, whether male or female both have some type of authority over another Werewolf. Werewolves’ are looked upon as, aggressive, but caring. Society worship the dominant pack to create a sense of pride and leadership. There are plenty reasons to have Werewolves in one’s favorite movies or television shows. Superhuman strength, heightened senses and rapid ability to heal are the reasons why werewolves are so popular. Superhuman strength is one of the main factors of being a werewolf. In wolf mythology, there are 3…

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  • The Wild Lamassu

    Where The Wild Lamassu Are I chose this particular limestone masterpiece made in Iraq in 750 BCE, for the Assyrian palace, because I felt a personal connection with the Lamassu. Growing up, my family had many statues such as the large and beautiful four seasons around the yard that tower over a human, mythical creatures hidden in the gardens and trolls from Norway hidden around the house spontaneously scaring guests. Also, as a child my favorite book was Where the Wild Things Are, The Lamassu…

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  • Research Paper On Dragon

    Dragons are a mythical creature of art some say. With how big, beautiful and strong they are. Made to take out soldiers and princes, these mythical creatures if close by you may be able to compromise a deal to where you aren’t eaten alive. Living close by a dragon could mean life or death. But could also have odds like protection and fighting for your life. Let’s find out what it’s like to live near a dragon. There are three islands, each with their own king and or queen with a scary dragon…

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  • Mythical Creatures Short Story

    I didn't generally like my job because I always had to keep it secret. I was sitting in my office secretly watching all of the magical creatures because they got startled easily if they saw somebody watching them. I always thought my office was pretty plain. It had one of those windows where you could see whatever is on the other side of the window but they couldn't see you. I just sat in my spinning chair and looked out the windows. I couldn't help but look at the mythical creatures…

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  • Cartouche Of Tutankhamun Analysis

    Although there is no exact setting or background there are ornaments included in this artwork. This work happens to be mirrored almost perfectly except for the middle of the painting where the cartouches are different from one another. As you can see the 2 identical oriental figures happen to be wearing the traditional Asian clothing from that time. The darker figure bon the bottom (possibly of African decent) seems to be dressed in her cultures proper clothing. Although those characters seem…

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  • Theme Of Courage In Beowulf

    Beowulf’s Bravery Beowulf, in the famous medieval poem of the same name, is the courageous and mighty protagonist in the story. He is a fierce warrior that is much beloved by his people and followers, as well as those he has helped through the years with vanquishing monsters and such. With every challenge that comes his way and through every battle he partakes in, he shows a tremendous amount of bravery, something that is most admired knowing the danger he constantly places himself in. There…

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  • The Scorpio Races: An Analysis

    catching and selling the horse-like beasts as soon as they mysteriously emerge from the sea. They’re then trained using tactics that cause them panic and pain, in attempt to break them of their own free will. These creatures are strong and fierce; far too powerful for a mere human to bond with as if it were a horse. They’re larger, stronger, faster, smarter, and much more bloodthirsty than typical horses. That’s why, despite the cruel training they endure, they’re still able to remain as wild as…

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  • Literature: The Romantic Era

    One day while in the forest, the creature stumbles across three books in a suitcase, “I can hardly describe to you the effects of these books. They produced in me an infinity of new images and feelings, that sometimes raised me to ecstasy, but more frequently sunk me into the lowest dejection” (108). As the creature continues to pursue knowledge, these books form all kinds of emotions within him, and more often than not he was in a depressed state after reading them and learning of mankind 's…

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  • Description Of Frankenstein

    the creature out of the town before everyone else was up and out in the town to make sure he did not frighten the people. He took him through the woods and brought him to a creek. Victor caught a couple of fish to show the creature. Victor made a fire next to the creek and cooked the fish for the monster to sample. The creature was fascinated by the fire. It was so warm and when Victor was busy preparing the fish, the creature put his hand in the fire, not knowing that it would burn him. The…

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  • The Battle Of Poseidon Essay

    destroy them. His wife and son were murdered during an enemy raid on the Aqua Kingdom. Since their senseless death Poseidon has sought to find something more meaningful in life. The Council clearly chose Poseidon for his amphibian traits and abilities. He has been a DarkRealm Hunter for many decades pledging loyalty to the Coalition. He has proven to be a worthy warrior time and time again when needed. He has gills located on both sides of his ribcage traveling many miles…

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