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  • The Myth Of Make-Up

    Makeup can affect your job and daily life? Have you ever been told you weren't good enough, or that you just need to fix everything? If you have you have been victimized of America's beauty standards. Makeup is said to make you more trustworthy and approachable. Is this true or a myth? Studies show Makeup can make a giant impact in your daily life it will affect what other people think of you whether you were to wear none, a little, or a lot they all have different affects on what the naked eye sees. Makeup can be a powerful thing it can influence people and just by talking a look of how much makeup you have on create a form of like or dislike. Makeup can even cause insecurities between other women and cause jealousy between many. Natural…

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  • Spiritual Speeches

    “Mom hurry up I am going to be late!” “We get you here 30 minutes earlier so you can prepare spiritually for the service, I think you will be fine” “Finally here! See you guys at service, thanks for dropping me off so early!” “Your welcome, but I still don 't understand the reason for you needing to be spiritually ready. All you have to do is listen to the sermon and leave” “Mom this is the way for the Lord to be let me really get a hold of what he wants for me to learn and apply in my life.”…

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  • Reflective Essay: Hadraniel's Fallen Angels

    “Well, as you all know, Nephilim are what you get when angels and humans have interspecies relationships, so this is no ordinary child. I have sent Eremiel back to Earth to care for it until we decide what to do with her, she has immense power within her, we can tell. As for the mother, she has paid for her sins by way of being stoned. Eremiel carried the deed out himself. The father, I know who it is, but I am not going to say. I have forgiven him of this sin and will not shame him for it, as…

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  • Yo-Yo Ma Concert Analysis

    I enter the music room really nervous about asking Mia to the Yo-Yo Ma concert, What if she say “No”. I mean I have done this other time so why am I nervous so I am just going to ask her, “Have you heard of the Yo-Yo Ma dude?”. She rolls her eyes and say “Everyone’s heard of the Yo-Yo Ma.” I grin and hooked my ringed thumb out toward the quad, “I don’t think you’ll find five people out there who’ve heard of YO-YO Ma. And by the way, what kind of the name is that? Is it ghetto or something? Yo…

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  • Digital Marketing Consultant Case Study

    Digital Marketing Consultant Candidate Self-Assessment Questionnaire Evaluation is a key factor in personal growth of a trainer and consultant. Yet many trainers struggle with “being evaluated” and evaluation methods. As a trainer and consultant you will need to develop an Evaluation State of Mind, meaning you should review each action for the resulting outcome; and quantify the observed results against the desired results. Take time to thoughtfully complete each question below with as much…

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  • Touch In Nonverbal Communication

    with your body. Body language Is what some people capture from having a certain conversation. Too be honest, I wouldn’t trust any word from someone without body language. Touch is also important, and what I think is the most important. Trying to get someone to read you through your touch. Some people might consider that to be a little extra. I will analyze Haptic communication which is about touch, and reading the other person. “Haptic can be described a tactical communication, which is one of…

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  • The Enchanted Amulet Chapter 6 Essay

    he vaulted over a dust devil. “This is exciting. Just you and me on a quest to track down the golden key.” “I just hope we can find it soon. This stuff is awful,” I choked. “I even have grit between my teeth.” “What’d you say?” he shouted. “You’re a pit beneath my wreath. What does that mean?” “Cotton, you need to clean out your ears.” He leaned over and dumped what seemed like a bucket full of sand out of each ear. “That’s better.” He laughed, and I saw a pea-size pebble wedged between his two…

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  • Drunk Driving Monologue

    being unsure which would upset her more, listening to her husband’s yelling about her drinking or Judge Lucas’s lectures. When she pulled into the parking lot, she glanced at Mike sitting in his car. Opening the car door, she noticed the look of disappointment on his face as she sat in the front seat and fastened the seatbelt. Without acknowledging her, he backed out of the parking space without saying a word. He never smiled her while driving toward the courthouse. At last, tears rolled down…

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  • Graduation Speech: When The Janitor Moved Out Of The Closet

    What did the janitor say when he jumped out of the closet? Supplies! Being a janitor is back breaking work. Trust me, I am one at River Heights Elementary School. I use urine remover on a daily basis. I also sweep up hairs from the teacher bathroom floor. Although my job is difficult and somewhat gruesome, there’s one magnificent part. I get a master key to the entire school. It opens everything! All of us have keys to something. I bet you could pull them out of your pockets or purses right now.…

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  • Jeffrey Dahmer, Ted Bundy, And Aileen Wuornos

    reward, but because it is our duty as a race. One should not ask the question, “Why should I be moral?”, instead, we should ask why amorality exists. To most, this is the view of a deontologist; with morality being a “duty” to all humans, I would be accused of practicing deontology. No. My belief is simple, we are all born with a conscience, it does not have to be taught to us, when we perform something wrong, we know, deep down, that it is wrong, this itself, is our impulse to perform in a…

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