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  • The Myth Of Make-Up

    2) The american beauty standards may not think the natural look is good enough for society, they want you to wear just the right amount of makeup so they can see you as more trustable or so more people approach you. 3) They are saying that you are not to wear to much and not to wear to little. What would you do as a victim of not meeting america's standards? "Can Wearing Lipstick Make You Likeable?" by a reporter in daily mail, includes how beauty standards in America affect how people look at you whether you were or were not to wear makeup, or even if they're trustworthy or not; "Up the Career Ladder, Lipstick In Hand" by New York Times, also shows how people may think of you if you wear makeup and how more approachable or unapproachable you may be it also explains how depending on what you do for a career how you makeup may affect that; Lastly, ;"7 Ways The Beauty Industry Convinced Women That They Weren't Good Enough" by Amanda Scherker, shows how the beauty industry's told women weren't good enough for the american beauty standards and how they could change themselves to be “better”. "Can Wearing Lipstick Make You Likeable?" by a reporter in daily mail, includes how beauty standards in America affect how people look at you whether you were or were not to wear makeup, or even if they're trustworthy or not “Speaking to the Sunday Times Style magazine, French neuroscientist Dr Arnaud Aubert revealed that imperfections can distract the brain, with the result that people with…

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  • Lead Poisoning Research Paper

    Lipstick and Lead Poisoning Throughout history many unhealthy substances, including lead, have been used as ingredients during the various times in the history of makeup. Modern day cosmetics are more controlled, regulated and their ingredients and the potential side effects are more fully understood. However, recent research by the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) indicate that there are approximately 400+ best-selling lipsticks on the market today that…

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  • Case Study: Doterra's Lip Balm

    DoTerra’s Lip Balm “Build a better mousetrap and they will beat a path to your door.” –Ralph Waldo Emerson. I am always on the hunt for a more natural based and better performing lip balm. I have product loyalty that I fall back on and yet I am still looking for a more “perfect” lip balm. Well, guess…what?!? I have found it! DoTerra’s lip balm is everything that I have been looking for and want in a lip balm. The best part is that I don’t have to change lip balms when I travel to different…

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  • Women's Hair During The American Revolutionary Era

    People who lived in the American Revolutionary Era styled their wigs and natural hair in such a way that covered bloody sores on their face caused by syphilis. Hair was a symbol of status; and every woman, whether rich or poor, took the time to style her hair accordingly. The higher the social status, the more elaborate a woman’s hair was. Social status affected the style of hair that women of the wore during the American Revolutionary era. Women of the upper class had the most intricate hair.…

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  • Informative Essay On Lipsticks

    favourite drugstore lipsticks. Spoiler: All of them are absolutely gorgeous! I absolutely can not leave the house without a touch of lipstick, it is an essential for me in my everyday life. Of course, over the years I've had many people tell me (*cough* older relatives *cough*) that "young people don't need lipstick" which I now realise was more of a hint that I was making bad choices when it came to the shades of lipsticks that I was using. I love to wear neutral nudes, and gentle purples for…

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  • William Heirens: The Lipstick Killer

    William Heirens was a serial killer, known as “The Lipstick killer.” He was arrested several times as a teenager for burglary. Although, he showed no characteristics of being a serial killer, he was arrested for three murders, when he was seventeen. Although, there were insufficient evidence in the case, he was charged with the murders of Josephine Ross, ex-WAVES Frances Brown and six year old Suzanne Degnan. On the advice of his lawyers, William plead guilty to avoid the death penalty. He was…

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  • Irving Penn: A Formal Analysis

    My first impression when I viewed Mouth (for L'Oréal), New York, by Irving Penn, was wow, it’s so beautiful and colorful. When you look at this picture, you see a person’s lips with several different lipstick colors on them. The subject of this painting is obviously the lipstick, the colors in the pictures are different shades of red, purple, pink and brown, they are the focus point. The lipstick makes texture on the lips, creating a beautiful three-dimensional effect. I see several lines in…

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  • The Ugly Truth About Beauty Analysis

    There are many colors of lipsticks such as light colors and dark colors. There are also types like matte lipsticks and glossy. It is important for every girl to pick the right shade that match’s her skin tone. There are some colors are used mostly in summers such as pinks, oranges, bright reds, and light neutral colors. For the winter, we use darker colors like browns, dark purples, and dark reds. The first step to apply the lipstick is to moisturize your lip by adding a lip balm to get a smooth…

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  • Bohemian Mix: Young Influential, Young Digerati

    Young Digerati. From the research of the last project, we decided to design a lipstick for the woman in the groups. Because of women need to make up every day and, of course, lipstick is most important one for the whole face, even though you don 't put other stuff, such as eyeliner, on the face but the lipstick only, it will help you look good though. Bohemian mix • Color: CorailGondola • Material (lipstick): pure natural material with moister in it • Outer package: black color metal tube…

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  • Daily Choices Ethical Analysis

    business. As I put my make up on, I used a YSL lipstick I got from Sephora. I brought it because I like the color. The company is from France but the lipstick was manufactured in L’Oréal factory in New Jersey. Although it was not manufactured in different country, the L’Oréal company is associated with unethical practices in China ("L 'Oreal Australia | Shop Ethical! Company Profile."). The company tests the ingredients on animals before they used it in the manufacture of…

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