Lists of nuclear disasters and radioactive incidents

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  • Advantages Of Using Nuclear Energy

    The advantages of using nuclear power rather than any other form of power are many. Using nuclear power alone would cause lower greenhouse gas emissions, it is more powerful and more efficent than any other energy source to which we have access. While solar and wind energies are most likely the cleanest options, they are not as reliable as nuclear power. Uranium, which generates nuclear energy, is very cheap and it does not take much to produce energy. Coal, oil, and natural gas will not last forever. Those supplies are on the decline while nuclear energy is widely available and near ever-lasting, not to mention it is very easy to transport. While nuclear power is preferred over burning coal, it is still only 19% of our total electrical output. The reason of this low output being that coal power plants cost about $2 billion to make, while nuclear power plants can range from $2 billion, to $4 billion, to even $9 billion dollars to create and maintain. Usually, fuel rods that are burnt out are stored in pools of water 14 feet deep, contained underneath for 10 to 20 years…

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  • Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant Research Paper

    environmental disasters in world history happened on March 11, 2011. The site was the Fukushima nuclear power plant in Japan. A 9.0 magnitude earthquake was experienced off the northeastern coast of Japan, and this triggered tsunamis that affected shorelines within minutes. Dozens of villages alongside 200 miles of coastline were substantially destroyed. Waves measuring more than 40 feet struck the Fukushima nuclear power plant, located only 150 miles from Tokyo. The plant’s emergency…

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  • Nuclear Pros And Cons

    Nuclear power is used worldwide, but is put under the question as to if it is more beneficial than harmful. Nuclear power is the process of atomic reactions that produce a form of energy, in the United States providing about twenty percent of the country 's electricity. The controversy that pertains nuclear power use has been gradually escalating because some may believe that nuclear power plants are more harmful than safe and some may disagree of the matter. Nuclear power is questionable due to…

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  • Nuclear Power History

    humans to secure energy came the strong desperation to obtain more of it. We quickly needed it for almost every aspect of modern society. Technology spurs from desperation. We quickly started obtaining energy from anything that we could. Steam, coal, wind, solar, and nuclear were all options on the table for harnessing energy. The technology of harnessing electricity has been advancing ever since we discovered any way to benefit from…

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  • Nuclear Chemistry Argumentative Essay

    Nuclear chemistry is unsafe and because the drawbacks outweigh the benefits, it should not be used in modern day technology and science. With its ability to remain for hundreds to thousands of years, and with no safe place to store it, it sucks up space and money. Additionally, the transplant of nuclear waste can be a mark for terrorism, making it even more unsafe. Nuclear, radioactive, radiation, nuclear waste; what do these words bring to mind? Most would think of a superhero, or a deformed…

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  • Alas Babylon Analysis

    Pat Frank’s Alas, Babylon has more meaning than just a title of a random book. Randy and Mark Bragg, brothers, knew a nuclear war was coming but did not want anyone to know about it. Mark lived in Omaha while Randy lived in Florida. They would communicate back and forth to each other, via telephone or telegram, and “Alas Babylon” was their codename (Frank 14). Codename was a warning for a nuclear war was coming and if it were to spread to the family, they would all freak out. Alas, Babylon had…

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  • Arguments Against Nuclear Energy

    Beginning in the 1960’s nuclear power was believed to be an attractive alternative to fossil fuels and was even referred to as the energy source of the future. To the uninformed the use of nuclear energy may seem frightening because the only thing rumored is the negatives like: the waste, major spills of material and disastrous radioactive accidents, but there are many benefits from the use of this energy source such as: saving millions of lives, a mass reduction of pollution, and an advancement…

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  • The Dangers Of Radiation During The Cold War

    Dangers of Radiation. Soldiers have been put in danger throughout recent history due to negligence with nuclear material and weapons testing. Either through having soldiers being at the actual test sites when the bombs were detonated or having them complete military exercises afterwards or getting the site ready for the next weapons test. Having soldiers move around radioactive material, living on bases nearby radioactive material, getting unknowingly bombarded by radiation to see its effects…

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  • Persuasive Essay On Nuclear Power Plants

    All throughout the world people and countries are searching for ways to replace fossil fuels as an energy source, and one way they try is nuclear power. Nuclear power plants have the potential to be very dangerous to not only the people that live near, but also the entire area. If something goes wrong it could cause an entire swath of land to become uninhabitable for millions of years, basically forever in the spectrum of human life. Therefore it is imperative that before nuclear power plants…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Nuclear Fission

    Over christmas vacation in 1938, nuclear fission was a startling discovery made by Lise Meitner and Otto Frisch. The discovery immediately revolutionize nuclear physics and a lead to the atomic bomb. This essays discusses the building of a nuclear power plant South St. Paul, Minnesota. I am arguing that we should not build a nuclear power plant in South St. Paul, MN. It takes on an average amount of fifthteen years to build. There could be a nuclear accident, such as a nuclear meltdown. Also…

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