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  • Response To Litter Research Paper

    What is considered litter? Before one can answer that, one must ask whether litter is an actual issue to the environment. According to Jean Scheid, from, litter affects everything, from storm water drains to wildlife. Globally, litter kills life. In fact, according to Haley Wilhite from The Nature Conservancy, she states that plastics account for the deaths of more than one million seabirds, and 100,000 marine mammals every year. Some mammals rendered completely disabled from birth till death due to the buildup of plastics. One major area in particular that seems to be neglected is oceans. The Pacific Ocean holds the largest landfill in the world; estimating roughly the magnitude of Texas, and approximately 33 feet deep of plastics, buoyant waste, and other non-biodegradable material (Bush, 534). How does this affect people? Scheid also states in her article that roads and highways can become dangerous when truck beds are not fastened down properly, causing debris to tumble out of the vehicle without the driver consciously knowing, leaving most passengers worried on unsafe roads. Not to mention how much it costs to clean; in…

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  • Essay On Cat Litter

    There are many types of cat litters. When you are trying to choose one for your cat, you may find yourself wondering which the best is. Basically, cat litters fall into three distinct categories. There are clay, silica and biodegradable litters. The best litter for your cat will depend on the results you want. Clay litters are the oldest type and are still widely used. Clay is used because of its ability to absorb liquids. The clay litter can absorb its weight in cat urine, and also has some…

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  • Effects Of Littering

    others less inclined to litter. Although we face many challenges throughout the term, in the end we made a difference in the cleanliness of the trail, which is why we deem our project to be successful. In this essay, I will address the effects of litter in forests, why waste reduction in forests is important and the key points of our Mystic…

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  • Summary: A Couple Of Really Neat Guys

    the looks of his and Dr. Jeruss’s costumes, it not only amuses the readers, but also makes a statement on how passionate Barry and Dr. Jeruss are about not littering. The costumes show that the two grown men hated litter enough to wear outlandish costumes, go out in public with said costumes, and correct each litter bug that they saw. Next, Barry describes the actions of Captain Tidy and Neatness man when he writes, “...We spent the day cruising the streets, when we saw people litter, we’d leap…

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  • Stop Littering Research Paper

    Littering is what pollutes the earth. Fast food wrappers and cigarette butts are the most commonly littered items and 50% of the time the litterer doesn’t even realize he/she is doing it (EPA, 2016). By throwing the trash in a garbage and bottle and cans in the recycle bin instead of out the window, the amount of pollution that is affecting our water sources and wildlife will decrease. This will also save time and money spent on trying to clean the litter up. Also, not only will using a garbage…

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  • Rhetorical Analysis On Littering

    Analysis: Littering Look around. Everywhere litter can be discovered. Highways, forests, even playgrounds. It can be assumed that the higher the population the higher the pollution. Many people are guilty of the common crime, whether they admit it or not. What does this say about the people who litter? Looking at the advertisement provided, it shows the extent of their laziness. All in the entire article happens to attack people who throw trash on the ground no matter the size, or location.…

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  • Reflective Essay: Keep Midland Beautiful

    would go home feeling satisfied with myself knowing I did something that not a lot of people would volunteer to do. In spite of the fact that we didn’t get all of the trash, I feel like I still did make somewhat of a difference. There’s tons of trash everywhere and there’s no possible way of picking it all up. But going out there and doing all I could in that short amount of time, made me feel better about what I was doing and not just helping a dead cause. Plus, seeing all the bags that…

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  • Choosing Lots Case Study

    Every decision you make, you have to think of the consequences of your decision. You have to think about what would make the best profit, but what wouldn’t close local businesses. Members of the board of the regional transit authority need to decide what lot they should build a bus terminal. After reading the case “Choosing Lots,” the just resolution in this situation would be to put the bus terminal in lot C. The definition of justice is fairness. When making their decision about where the bus…

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  • Essay On Cigarette Litter

    likely stay around for awhile and the effects and damage done to the environment will never fully go away. But yet, there are little things that everyone can do that will go a long way. Everyone can help stop cigarette litter, seeing as all the issues stated are from cigarette litter. By educating communities, starting programs, increasing fees of littering, and increasing availability of receptacles for cigarettes, the negative effects will go down. The hardest step of them all is taking…

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  • Dogs Are A Great Pet

    Great Pets to Own There are so many types of animals that would be a wonderful pet, but I found that a cat, dog, hamster, and fish are the top ones that people choose to adopt. So why are these cute little pets the ones to be chosen? Here’s why Cats are a great pet because most are easy to take care of. When it comes to cats, you don’t need to take them outside to use the bathroom, all you need is a litter-box and a week or two and they be good to go. Most cats learn fairly easy to use the…

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