Lithium-ion battery

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  • The Function And Components Of The Lithium Ion Battery

    The components of the lithium ion batteries include a positive electrode made of metal oxide, negative electrode made of carbon (graphite), a separator made of a micro-porous polymer, and an organic electrolyte (ether) that is made up of dissolved ions of lithium. During recharge, the lithium ions travel from the positive metal oxide to the negatively charged graphite electrode. The reverse flow occurs during discharge (when the battery is in use) (Carnegie, 40; Divya and Østergaard, 513). Figure 3: Function and Components of the Lithium Ion Battery The Li-Ion batteries are a lesser developed technology as compared to the lead acid batteries. They are mostly utilized in consumer electronics because they have a higher energy density (reduced…

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  • Lithium Ion Battery Case Study

    The Anode What is Anode? What is anode fabricated from in Li-ion battery? What material could be replacement of ion material however failed? What is design and structure of anode in Lithium ion(Lithium ) battery? What is the reaction/process that are undergoing in anode? What are the recent advancements in anode of Lithium ion(Lithium ) battery? What are the challenges that are still left in the field? 1) The anode is the negative electrode of a galvanic cell and is related to the oxidation…

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  • How Did Tesla Use Strategic Partnerships To Stay In Business?

    While Tesla designs, manufactures, sells and services their own vehicles they recognize that due to the company being one smallest auto manufacturers in the world that they needed strategic partnerships to stay in business. The first partnership that Tesla entered into was being with Daimler in 2010. For a 10% stake in Tesla, Daimler got Tesla’s lithium-ion battery packs into 1,000 of its electric smart cars. With the infusion of capital from Daimler, Tesla could continue with their…

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  • Electric Cars Vs. Electric Car In The Industrial Revolution

    The car was cheap and had the great quality better than its earlier cars before. It obliterated all competition with its competitors because how inexpensive it was to own one. “It cost 850 dollars in 1908 when it first came out then the price decreased as time went on too making it a low price of 300 dollars in 1925”( staff 2). The starter of the car also changed instead of hand cranking it to start; this car had the battery powered starter to power the vehicle. It had a sliding gear…

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  • Iphone 6s Compare And Contrast Essay

    Besides this, iPhone 6S is also available in 128 GB model for the users who never want to run out of the storage. BATTERY LIFE Both the iPhones include the Built-in rechargeable lithium ion Battery. Both the iPhones have up to 14 hours of talk time. However, the iPhone SE is slightly more efficient at the internet use (3G - 12 hours and LTE, Wi-Fi - 13 hours) compared to the iPhone 6S (3G, LTE - 10 hours and Wi-Fi - 11 hours). Again, these numbers can be different depending on the factors like…

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  • Home Fire Alarms

    By having the new technology in fire alarms provides with a early warning and faster responds time. In the past smoke detector were equipment with batteries that had to be replaces twice a year. This was often neglected resulting in death injury and property damage. With the long life batteries this enhanced of the home owners. Heat detectors are the oldest type of automatic fire detection device. The heating detector is another way to solve the problems of deaths due to fires. Heat detectors…

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  • Robotic System Case Study

    power to the robot, and mounting components such as a computing board, USB hub, and battery on the system requires extensive engineering and design.…

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  • Rechargeable Battery Research Paper

    illegal to throw batteries away in the garbage? Many people are unaware of this fact. In 1991, the state of North Carolina rendered it illegal to discard of lead-acid batteries in a landfill, incinerator or any other type of waste-to-energy facility. The purpose of this report is to provide you with information on rechargeable batteries so you will have a better understanding on the benefits of a recycling program and possible implementation. The main points I will cover are the types of…

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  • Ion Gum Company Objectives

    1. Mission Statement ### is a company that offer unique and innovative backpacks with built-in lightweight ion lithium battery inside. The mission of our company is to provide high quality energy backpack and connect you to your power sources anywhere and anytime. As a green company, we use recyclable materials for our products to reduce the use of hazardous materials that can damage the environment. ### comes in different sizes for different purposes. Our main target is college students and…

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  • The Importance Of Batteries

    A. Batteries are significant for their great ability to power a variety of devices, being able to be used in everything from cars to music players. The utility of batteries has made them indispensable to modern life. 1. Batteries are required to power the massive amounts of electronics used in the modern world. (Battery. (2008). In K. L. Lerner & B. W. Lerner (Eds.), The Gale Encyclopedia of Science (4th ed., Vol. 1, pp. 490-493). a. Most portable electronic devices require batteries to…

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