Little League Baseball

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: Shaker Valley Little League Baseball

    Leaving the Park In the spring of my seventh grade year, I exercised my final season of eligibility of little league baseball. Just avoiding the cutoff date by a week, I would be one of the few thirteen year olds to take the field. It would also be my first year of making the all – star team, a goal I had since I had first entered the major league division of Shaker Valley Little League three years prior. As a starting pitcher, I was pretty confident that I would finally get the chance to show the the league that I had deserved to make the roster. After a season of playing fairly well, I had earned my spot. The only thing obstructing my happiness was the fact that I had to play under a new coach. It’s not that Coach Renaud, (or “Calves” as I referred to him in my head because his legs resembled bowling pins) was a bad person, but as head coach of an all star team that was littered with his own players (his son included), I had predicted that I may not get to see the mound much. To little surprise, my prediction came true. Being a pitcher who did not throw a curve (and one that was not of blood relation to anybody on the coaching staff), I was effectively shut down. Inside I boiled. I had made the team as a pitcher, don’t I deserve to pitch? From the start I was thrust into right field,…

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  • Personal Narrative-Football Vs. Basketball

    Change is usually a concept that comes with larger populations, where there are more minds and bodies to explore new hobbies, activities, or mindsets. In smaller populations, such as Wayne County, Kentucky, population of 20,000, tradition leads the people. There is not much here in this small town that is any different than twenty years ago. There are still the same restaurants. There is still only one park. Basketball is still the most popular sport, closely followed by Football and Baseball.…

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  • Participation Trophies For Youth Athletes Essay

    The majority of children participate In many extracurricular activities such as soccer, baseball, and dance. At the end of the season, every team has its annual awards night and where the star players would be recognized for their outstanding achievements. Everyone else on the team receives the “glad you tried but you aren 't good enough” trophy. Many children, including myself, fall into this category. As naive little children, many kids do not understand that this is the situation. They…

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  • Friday Night Tykes Analysis

    It’s a Saturday afternoon and all around America kids are running around baseball fields playing the sport they love. Although this baseball seems the same, kids are in entirely different worlds than each other. While some are playing, and might not even be keeping score, others are in life or death situations to the point that the parents are more concerned about winning than the kids playing the game. This can be the bad thing about this beautiful game, when parents push their young kids too…

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  • The Influence Of The Little League World Series

    The Little League World Series, a kids dream to be at besides Disneyworld. Every kid that plays Little League wants to work hard to get to there. Some kids don’t even make it passed their city championships, but they set their goals so high so they can make it to Williamsport. It’s not just only in the United States, it is international. Kids around the world get to participate in it. There is so many positive influences about the Little League World Series, from the lifetime friend ships with…

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  • Baseball: The Impact Of World War II On Baseball

    World War II on baseball had many different effects as it impacted not only baseball at the current time, but the future of baseball as well. Players with the likings of Ted Williams, Bob Feller, Joe DiMaggio, Hank Greenberg, and many more traded in the bat and ball for a pair of boots and a rifle. While the names previously listed were said to not have been put on the front lines, they still joined the forces and went to fight for this country when they could have been playing the game that…

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  • Jackie Robinson And Baseball

    even with baseball and baseball with me. The game had done much for me, and I had done much for it. Jackie Robinson has done a lot for baseball of all leagues. Jackie Robinson has changed Major League Baseball for the better. Jackie Robinson was born in Cairo, Georgia. He was raised with four other siblings in Pasadena, California by his mother and uncle. His Father left the family when Jackie was a baby. Jackie had to help his mother out by delivering newspapers and selling food during…

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  • Drugs In Sports Research Paper

    Baseball is known as one of the most incredible and engaging sports in the nation. Several players all over the country, and even around the world, represent baseball by playing on high school teams, travel teams, and minor league teams as well, in order to reach the highest level of baseball, Major League Baseball, also known as the MLB. To this day, baseball is still one of the most dominant sports in America. However, baseballs reputation and character have slightly diminished because of…

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  • The Steroid Era In Professional Sports

    The Steroid Era in Major League Baseball has been one of the biggest pops in Professional Sports since the 1980s. Steroids or PEDs are a way of cheating the game by gaining a huge advantage over every non steroid user in any way possible. Major League Baseball is a game that revolves around talent and being able to make outstanding plays both mentally and physically to put your team on top. When steroids are mixed into the game, it amazes people for the abilities that some players have compared…

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  • Baseball Hall Of Fame: A Case Study

    This study analyzed the different forms of news coverage pertaining to the steroid era in Major League Baseball, along with the fan’s opinions of Barry Bonds, Mark McGwire and Rafael Palmeiro. These three players previously tested positive for steroid use throughout their time in the Major Leagues. While all three of these players showed remarkable talent throughout their Major League careers, their statistics will always be tainted, which influences peoples opinions on whether or not they…

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