Soccer Research Paper

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Change is usually a concept that comes with larger populations, where there are more minds and bodies to explore new hobbies, activities, or mindsets. In smaller populations, such as Wayne County, Kentucky, population of 20,000, tradition leads the people. There is not much here in this small town that is any different than twenty years ago. There are still the same restaurants. There is still only one park. Basketball is still the most popular sport, closely followed by Football and Baseball. However, in the past few years a new sport has started to push its way forward into the spotlight. Soccer has planted itself into this community and is developing rapidly through the youth of the county. Soccer was a relatively unknown sport in our small …show more content…
I attended that game because I enjoyed the sport, and I owed it to my brother to be there to support him, but the fact that I left feeling just as elated as him was shocking. I have attended his games for years now, but never had I been so caught up in the emotions of an entire crowd. It was certainly a remarkable experience, to feel so in sync with so many other peoples’ emotions. We were all so caught up in the game, it felt to me as if we all shared the same mind. Never before, not during cheerleading or academic team, had I ever felt like I was on exactly the same level as everyone else. I am not sure how relevant a simple soccer game is to the lives of all the other people in the world, but I sincerely hope that that feeling of involvement is shared between us all. It is an amazing thing, to be that caught up in the moment. I felt so refreshed after that game. For an entire hour, I was not worrying about homework or chores. All I was thinking of was that game, which move may be made next, and feeling that sense of unity when the rest of the crowd seemed to feel the exact same way. It was an experience I will never forget, because, in that moment, I felt like I was seeing the big

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