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  • Yogi Berra Biography

    Imagine this: you are up to bat, in the 1947 World Series, and the crowd is chanting your name. Here’s wind up, then the pitch, you swing the bat, and the ball goes soaring. Going, going, going, gone! The crowd goes wild! You just hit a first pitch home run of a World Series. It Seems like an unreal dream, doesn't it? Well this was a reality for the legendary man known as Yogi Berra. This paper will uncover the life of Yogi Berra; covering his birth and childhood in St. Louis, Missouri, his early days that lead to his fame, his main years, his years after retirement, and the legacy he left. Now, let's go back to St. Louis, Missouri 1925, where this story begins. On May 12th 1925 a yet-to-be legend was brought into the world by Pietro and…

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  • Jackie Robinson's Influence On Desegregation

    were black, you were forced to play in a completely different, segregated league. So Robinson played through the NNL(National Negro League) Playing for the Kansas City Monarchs, he was a second baseman, and made he made about $300 a month. He didn’t know it, but soon his life was about to change. ( Branch Rickey was a man who would play a huge part in Jackie Robinson’s journey to breaking the color barrier. He was a former player for the St. Louis Brown and the New York Yankees. He…

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  • Baseball: A Hero's Accomplishments

    Even those who looked up to him as a role model changed opinions after he openly announced that he had cheated. The question is, would you respect him as a hitter even though he cheated? Greg Ziemann said “I think he was a good hitter, and the steroids helped boost him up in their later years. Even when he was younger he was a good hitter, but the older he got the more the steroids pushed his career.” He still respects his hitting ability, even though he cheated in his later years. His…

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  • The Importance Of Major League Baseball In New Mexico

    back east had ender McCreight asked some of those players from back east to play for him at an additional one hundred dollars. That was the first official Major League team made in New Mexico and they were called the “browns”. Nobody is sure on how many years the Browns played, but in 1915 the “Dukes” came together. “They played in the Class-D playing teams from the states that were all around them, and they finished in third place. The Class-D that the Dukes played in was disbanded in 1932”…

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  • Should Professional Athletes Be Paid Essay

    Many athletes give to charities or have their own charities. David Beckham helps with the Unite Against AIDS Campaign, he also has his own charity that gives children wheelchairs who are in need. Albert Pujols has a charity that helps families who have down syndrome children (Scherer). Albert Pujols was a baseball player for the St. Louis Cardinals and when the Angels offered him more money, he up and left St. Louis. A city that loved him. Pujols is obviously in the MLB for the money and not the…

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  • Yogi Berra Management Style

    season as a manager. Yogi managed the Mets from 1972-1975 with a record of 292-296 with them and with the Yankees he managed for a little over 2 (1964, 1984-1985), with a record of 192-148. A combined total of 484-444. He had problems dealing with management his entire coaching career, until the very end where he was able to find a good place to coach, with the Houston Astros. First Time Managing the Yankees. When he started coaching, in 1963, he was still a player with the Yankees, he played…

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  • Jackie Robinson In Sports

    While Robinson played a majority of the second half of his career at first, cleating stepping on someone’s leg with the spike of your cleat- was not uncommon. One cleating incident was so serious is was reported, “One Southern player, Enos "Country" Slaughter of the St. Louis Cardinals, spiked Robinson particularly brutally, causing a seven-inch gash” (PBS). Umpires were helpless to any injuries caused to Robinson as if they choose to defend Robinson against a white man it could mean dire…

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  • Chicago Cubs Case Study

    suggestion of Lucchino, Epstein was invited to take part in high – level negotiations and discussions with then – GM Kevin Towers as few in the Padres team operations had a legal background. Eventually, Epstein would becomes the Padre’s Director of Baseball Operations. In 2001, Padres President Larry Lucchino, left to become the CEO of the Boston Red Sox and hired Epstein to work under him. Later in 2002, Epstein was appointed as the GM of Red Sox at the young age of 29. During his time as…

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  • Jackie Robinson's Impact On The Civil Rights Movement

    helped put the original notion in the minds of many that African American players may, in fact, be able to compete on the same level as white players. On April 15th, 1947, Jackie Robinson became the first African American to step onto the same playing field as white players in the Major League. This historic event has come to be known as the “breaking of the color barrier” in baseball. A black player in professional baseball obviously caused quite a bit of controversy, initially. Jackie dealt…

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  • Jackie Robinson Biography Essay

    Ashton Waddington English 1 Mr. Underhill 15 Dec. 2015 The Life and Times of Jackie Robinson Jackie Robinson began his sports career in high school, playing sports like track, basketball and football (“The Life of Jackie Robinson”). Jackie suffered many injustices during his professional career, but kept playing anyways. After he retired, Jackie was involved in many civil rights movements. Jackie’s legacy will always be remembered and honored. Jackie Robinson was an outstanding baseball player,…

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