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  • Dred Scott's Role In The Civil Rights Movement

    He was personal property not a citizen and he had no rights to sue in court. They also ruled that the government had no legal right to interfere with the institution of slavery. The pro slavery people were encouraged and started making plans to expand slavery into all of the western states. This action made tension grown and helped to start the Civil War. A little further ahead in history, came the Civil Rights Act of 1875. A biracial Congress passed the Civil Rights Act. It protected all Americans no matter what race they were in public places like restaurants, theaters, and public transportation like buses and trains. It also protected the right to serve on juries. If you didn’t follow this law you could be guilty of a misdemeanor and be fined up to $5000. Unfortunately, it was never enforced and the Supreme Court declared it unconstitutional in 1883. If these new laws had been enforced, then we would have had rights for blacks a lot sooner than in the 1960’s. It must have seemed to blacks like their rights would go forward a bit one day and then reverse on the next. A few years later…

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  • Choices In Melba Patillo's Warriors Don T Cry

    Choices in Little Rock “Two, four, six, eight, we ain’t gonna integrate!” Screamed the mob surrounding the high school. Integration at Central High School in Little Rock Arkansas with the group known as, the Little Rock Nine, sparked many emotions and opinions out of people. The Little Rock Nine consisted of Melba Patillo (the main character of the book) and eight other brave teenagers. Throughout Warriors Don’t Cry many important figures in the book had the power at one point in time. Each…

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  • Essay On Life Changing Experiences

    Life changing experiences impact people through their lives and their society as to their decisions. The life changing experiences are stated in “Warriors Don’t Cry” by Melba Pattillo Beals, “I Never Had It Made” by Jackie Robinson, “The Father Of Chinese Aviation” by Rebecca Maskel who is referring to Feng Ru. Melba Pattillo Beals, Jackie Robinson, and Feng Ru all encountered life changing experiences to impact their lives and countries. Melba Pattillo Beals, an African American, changed…

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  • Little Rock Nine Case Study

    segregationist opinions grow stronger. After this Crisis, the public schools in Little Rock did not remain open for the rest of the school year in order to stall further desegregation. This year is known as “The Lost Year,” because children who could not afford private school or arrange to attend schools outside the city lost a year of education. This included the eight teens of the Little Rock Nine. For the remainder of the 1950’s the Civil Rights Movement searched for a follow-up to this…

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  • The Civil Rights Movement In Blumberg's Little Rock Nine

    Blumberg provides a description of Daisy Bates, her actions and the integration of Little Rock Nine as well provides the background information of the critical ruling in Brown vs. Board of Education. However, while Blumberg’s work provides strengths such as detailed analysis of what a social movement is and provides readers…

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  • How Turning Points Affect People's Life

    In paragraph 16 the text states “Proud that I lived in a country that would go this far to bring justice to a Little Rock girl like me, but sad that they had to go to such great lengths.” This quote shows how she was helping to improve civil rights but at the cost of significant danger and anger from protesters against integration. The events challenged Beals because she faced racism and in doing this she grew and developed character. In paragraph 18 the text states “Step by step we climbed…

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  • I Never Had It Made, By Melba Pattillo Beals, Jackie Robinson

    Pattillo Beals was part of the Little Rock Nine who helped integrate Central High School and while doing so, went through life changing events that changed her country. Some events that challenged her were soldiers guarding her from entering her school, verbal racial slurs, and physical threats from white people. She responded to these events by being more confident in wanting to integrate Central High School with soldiers around her and also going to school. When she was going to school with…

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  • What Is A Turning Point Or Life Changing Events Affect Life?

    This event challenged Beals because she faced racial tension and that caused her to build confidence and character. As a result of these events and challenges, Beals developed pride in her country and the understanding of the sacrifice America made for equal rights. Beals responded to the events by enduring racism and persevering through the challenges of equality. This is shown in paragraph eighteen,”We stepped up the front door of Central High School and crossed the threshold into that place…

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  • The Millennials Rhetorical Analysis

    while agreeing with these views, I would rather see the millennials as go-getters, respectful, productive, confident, and focused. In this response essay, I have attempted to examine some of the key issues raised about the millennials by Joel Stein in his article “The New Greatest Generation: Why Millennials Will Save Us All” as well as those raised by Jean Twenge in his commentary, the “Generation Me”. But who are the millennials? Although defined differently by different people, millennials…

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  • The Importance Of Turning Points On A Person's Life

    According to paragraph seven, the text states, “I wondered why they were crying and just at that moment when I had more hope of staying alive and keeping safe than I had since the integration began.”This piece of text explains that Beals hd to learn how to protect herself during all of the racism. Another quote is in paragraph thirteen stating, “Some of the white people looked totally horrified, while others raised their fists to us. Others shouted ugly words.” This quote qte explains that the…

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