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  • Little Otik Analysis

    Analyzing one of the opening scenes of the film “Little Otik”, directed by Jan Svankmajer. This scene begins with a black and white version of two mannequins in many different sex positions. Preceding that scene is a colored close up of a tree being sawed and chopped down. We see the wife of the man cutting the tree down looking out the window with a saddened face. As she glares at her husband cutting down the tree she comes inside to open a trunk that seems to have a lot of sentimental meaning to her. She opens the drunk and it’s filled with baby clothes. Although there is dialogue happening in the back its not the main focus in the scene. The women immediately shuts the trunk filled with baby clothes and locks it back in the armoire. We are then directed back to the husband pulling a stump of a tree out of the ground. As we see him struggle to pull the stump up from beneath the soil it finally gives lose. This stump symbolizes a sense of relief. The man holds the stump up and we hear a cry, a babies cry. We see hands covered in dirt with a baby being held up between the hands. The man takes the stump inside and begins to work on it.…

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  • Humor In 'Me Talk Pretty One Day'

    Humor Essay Many works of literature today have persuasive strategies incorporated in them to grab the reader’s attention. Most of the time, writers also use strategies such as humor to send a crucial message to the audience. While this is one effective way of sending a message, other writers utilize formal writing to express the seriousness of a problem. Both methods are effective in getting a message across; however, writing without humor is stronger than those with humor because it is…

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  • Short Story: Sonny Tried To Barter The Price Up?

    Sonny tried to barter the price down. The little man did not budge. "Not my problem. You got my price. Take it or leave it." The glass slammed shut. Sonny punched the air as he turned to us. "Bastard got us by the short hairs. Where the hell do we find a brick at this hour?" "Finding it is easy." Kane, shook his head. "Paying and getting back here alive is the problem. North Brooklyn gang called the Sinners got all kinds of weed but they want dealer kind of money . . . if they’re willing to…

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  • Book Summary Of Too Many Tamales In The Book

    Too Many Tamales Soto, G., & Martinez, E. (1993). Too Many Tamales. New York: Putnam. Book Summary: This book is about a little girl named Maria who was assisting her mother while making tamales for Christmas. With the excitement of getting to feel like an adult, Maria decided to borrow her mother’s ring without permission while they cooked the tamales. Her family began to arrive and Maria soon realized that the ring that she borrowed was missing. She soon turned to her cousins for help to find…

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  • The Importance Of Childhood Memory

    Remember the first time in your childhood where you finally achieved something on your own? Relying solely on what one may have been previously taught. Using that knowledge to guide you through the obstacles in the way like a navigator uses maps to direct the captain. Thrilled with excitement showing off to maybe your siblings or friends. One might feel a little bit invincible. The days to follow one might walk around with their head a little higher than before. Finally being able to accomplish…

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  • My Influences And Learning Experience In My Life

    never end when we think they have. There’s a misconception that moments stop, but that’s impossible. Right now is connected to ten years ago, but it’s also attached to a million futures, no definitive length only indefinite time. So in every moment we begin again, continuing to mold our stories. Just another once upon a time. Learning is so much more than school to me. The typical system of education has little value in my eyes. We grow from reading between the lines and infusing passion into…

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  • Where The Red Fern Grows Analysis

    ANSWER THROUGH THE DOGS “Man’s best friend” and “Loyal ‘til the end” are very well-known phrases. They are very true to describe most dogs, specifically two redbone hounds that I have read about. Little Ann and Old Dan are both heroically presented in both the book, “Where the Red Fern Grows” and its film adaptation. After reading and viewing both portrayals of this wonderful story, I have come to the conclusion that Ann and Dan are superb. This statement is quite an achievement to the dogs…

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  • Essay On Gender Stereotypes In Disney Movies

    Tik tok, tik tok, tik tok. Quick grab your glass slipper and run child, the clock has struck twelve and your coach is about to be nothing more than a pumpkin and you don’t want your prince seeing you dressed like that do you. Now hurry along child, go ! The films Cinderella release in 1950, Beauty and the Beast release in 1991, and The Little Mermaid released in 1989 I have been able to conclude that these films created by Disney reinforce typical Female stereotypes. This has had a negative…

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  • Describe An Example Of Your Leadership Experience And Influence Others Influenced Others?

    What have you done to make your school or your community a better place? 370 “With the world so set on tearing itself apart, it don 't seem like such a bad thing to me to want to put a little bit of it back together.” This quote from the recent film Hacksaw Ridge embodies my sentiment that brightening up someone’s day is the best feeling in the world for me. This desire to help others prompted me to volunteer for two years at UCLA hospital to help transport patients. Hospital patients often…

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  • Participation Trophies For Youth Athletes Essay

    The majority of children participate In many extracurricular activities such as soccer, baseball, and dance. At the end of the season, every team has its annual awards night and where the star players would be recognized for their outstanding achievements. Everyone else on the team receives the “glad you tried but you aren 't good enough” trophy. Many children, including myself, fall into this category. As naive little children, many kids do not understand that this is the situation. They…

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