Cultural generations

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  • Fahrenheit 451: The Greatest Generation

    An attribute that both generations show is strength. Both show this strength in different ways but this attribute could have been directly passed down from parent to child. The Greatest Generation showed their strength by their ability to fight a war that was on the other side of the world. They fought for other countries’ freedom fully knowing the danger of their service. Those who were left in the United States exhibited enormous amounts of strength by their resilience and ability to industrialize their nation to supply the nation’s war efforts. During the war, this generation worked together to make hundreds of thousands of airplanes, thousands of tanks and warships, and tens of billions of pieces of small ammunition (Bondi, 1995). They…

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  • Generation X: A Cultural Analysis

    I grew up in the Era of 1960- 1980’s called Generation X also known as the Post World War II baby boomers. Our values as an individual were being pushed by adults that we must take on a new role of independence. As I was growing up, gas was only $ .35 a gallon and increased to $.90 (Classic70’s, 2012). As a child we could purchase candy bars for $ .25 and the famous bubble gum was on .02. We grew up shopping at local stores such as T.G. & Y and groceries stores name Piggly Wiggly. Elvis Presley…

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  • Business Leadership Trends

    the different generation of leaders do differ in opinions on how to transpose a company’s workforces as they move into the future. Most of these core disputes are noted in the trends that occur during that generations tenured. As the work environment changes it is increasingly difficult to obtain the happiness of many employees, without compromising the productivity and moral of the company. It is essential that leaders acknowledge the differences and create mechanisms that provide a cohesive…

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  • Cultural Shocks Of First-Generation College Students

    Based on the idea of being a first-generation college student, I have more experience with the tensions that come along with transitioning to college. Most of which, are cultural shocks. To start off, cultural shocks would be things that involve how easily one can adapt to a new environment. Even with help from advisors, professors, and fellow students, it is all a big step towards possibly redefining the way one will see different ideas. One culture shock that I have experienced is the lack…

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  • Cultural Differences Between Different Family Generations

    I am a Caucasian, over forty, middle class, Christian American female; technically a third generation American of Multicultural European Caucasian decent (I do not find it politically incorrect to label myself Caucasian and will refer to that status as white). Growing up I was called a mutt by my family members for all the different nationalities that I was mixed with; Austrian, Czechoslovakian, Irish, Russian, Lithuanian, Slavic or Polish (not exactly sure). On my mother’s side, my maternal…

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  • Baby Boomers Research Paper

    the persons employed in the workforce. Because each generation has differs from the next there are challenges in managing the four generations of persons employed in today’s workplace. It becomes crucial that managers and employee alike realize the ways in which the needs of each group of persons differ from the others in order to understand their strengths and weaknesses (Bartley, 2007, pp.26 & 28). My organization is made up of four generations which you will see presented on the graph.…

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  • The Social Responsibility Of Baby Boomers During The 20th Century

    difficulty that Baby Boomer went through during the 20th century. However, according to the United States Chamber of Commerce, Millennials are more tolerant of races and groups than any previous generation, with 45 percent versus 19 percent agreeing with special treatment to improve the position of minorities (Glosser 2016). Millennials are more outspoken about each of their own thoughts, feelings, and are more likely to protest any form of hate speech that targets people of a certain sex,…

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  • Multigenerational Diversity In Nursing

    workforce is a unique situation for health care organizations today. Having three distinct generations working together to provide safe and effective patient care presents many challenges. Each generation possesses their own characteristics, values, beliefs, communication styles, and commitment to team work (American Hospital Association [AHA], 2014). The three generations were influenced by the collective experiences of their generation, both socially and culturally. This has shaped the way…

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  • Levinson's Theory Of Adult Development

    Levinson (1986) through a series of thorough interviews with both men and women developed a comprehensive theory of adult development. He proposed a theory based on a series of phases that adults’ experience as they develop. The highlight of Levinson’s theory is the life structure, which is the fundamental pattern of a person’s life at any particular time. An individual's life structure is generally formed by the social and physical surroundings, where for most individuals, life is primarily…

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  • Silent Generation Research Paper

    Austin Machmiller Oct 6, 2016 Dr. David Pichaske English 151 Story's of Generations Has the thought crossed your mind as to why these distinctions between generations are used? Maybe they feel that labels are meant to be used to describe what type of people we are? Could it be from the actions of that group? Similar to what nicknames that are give out by upperclassmen to freshman or cliches that constantly gather like penguins in the Arctic. There are currently four types of generation names…

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