Cultural landscape

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  • Cultural Landscapes

    The public's memory and attachment to a place have an impact on the preservation of a cultural landscape or historic site. Bluestone and Wallace highlight how the tool of preservation can be a tool of destruction and how the public’s idea of cultural landscapes has changed over time. Hayden points out the relationship between memory and landscapes, including how a society becomes attached to these sites. The overall theme of the readings is the attachment that society holds to these sites and the connection that this has with the conservation of these landscapes. To understand this, the public historian must look how the meaning…

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  • Elements Of Landscaping

    Landscaping is the art of balancing both the hardscape and softscape elements, therefore, one should have a fair knowledge on these elements to create a perfect balance in the landscape. C. Physical Space: Most of the times, designing is directly related to the attributes of physical space. One has to consider the topography, climate, site drainage, soil quality, municipal codes while designing the landscape. 1. Topography: Each land has its unique characteristics like different landforms,…

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  • Phoenix Art Museum Essay

    The Musical Instrument Museum, Phoenix Public Library, and the Phoenix Art Museum have key characteristics that represent the landscape as well as their functionality. It can be said that the design of these buildings are similar and at the same time completely different in the way that they represent the landscape. The Instrument museum was designed by Rich Varda, an award-winning architect. The construction began on February 2008 and the museum opened its doors in April 2010. The Phoenix…

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  • Axioms For Reading The Landscape

    Cultural landscapes are everywhere in our world today whether we are aware of them or not. Before we can look at the cultural landscape if the city of New Kensington, we must understand what they are and what we can learn from them through observation. Cultural landscapes are defined as the places we, humans, live. A cultural landscape is the cultural properties that represent the combined works of nature and man. Other definitions include a geographic area, including both cultural and natural…

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  • The Eames House Analysis

    modern world using materials and techniques derived from the experiences of World War II. The Eames’s plan for the house was designed to adapt accordingly to its surrounding environment, creating a space where human civilization and nature coexists harmoniously. The visitors enter into a new ecological setting when they visit the house and are presented a unique vision of human life and the world at large, filtered through their understanding of the behavior and orientation of objects. The…

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  • Environmental Symbolism In Brigus

    Humans, by nature, characteristically modify the landscape in which they live. Through the myriad of processes and mechanisms used to alter the landscape sometimes come deliberate alterations of symbolism or meaning. The sub-dicipline of cultural geography investigates the variation of these symbolisms, traditions, and cultural products across time and space. It is through the lens of cultural geography, especially in respect to environmental symbolism, that we can interpret the value and…

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  • Mango House Analysis

    Therefore, the very aspect of having to find your balance between the existing feature, the landscape and your house became the tone of the design. This can be seen in the way the spaces responded, the way those spaces were placed initially; for instance the small and humble entrance porch on the north façade, nestled in between the branches of the huge tree, forgoing the tradition of having a majestic entrance. To ensure the balance between the open and covered spaces, and owing to the…

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  • Analysis Of A Pleasant Trip To The Cumberland Plateau

    Cain Demumbra Jennifer Wilson English 1010 27 October 2017 A Pleasant Trip to the Cumberland Plateau A plateau is a land area having a relatively level surface considerably raised above adjoining land on at least one side and is often cut by deep canyons. The Cumberland Plateau goes from Wayne County in Kentucky to Scott County in Tennessee. I will be writing primarily about areas in and around Cumberland County. The Cumberland Plateau includes parts of Wayne and McrCreary counties in Kentucky…

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  • Villa Borghese Essay

    to 16th century and was believed to be built overnight without assistance. The fountain depicts four young men assisting four tortoises present in each direction to climb the basin. The Tiber Island also known as the stone ship is associated with healing properties and people believe that their ailments are resolved by visiting the island. The ruins of Portico Octavia originally meant to abode deities Juno and Jupiter; later it was turned to market place, ceremonial grounds, etc. Today, it…

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  • The Alchemist And Najeeb's Journey

    Wikipedia defines ‘desert’ as a barren area of land where little precipitation occurs and consequently living conditions are hostile for plant and animal life. Still, man has managed to settle in deserts near to oases and pursue life there. People cross vast expanses of this arid region to reach others places which are more wet and fertile. Travel through a desert is in itself a variant experience similar to a sea voyage or warfare. Because one requires contesting and thriving in unfavourable…

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