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  • Chihuahuan Desert Essay

    The Chihuahuan Desert is the largest desert in North America between latitude 24° N and 34° N and Longitude 100° W and 110°W. The Chihuahuan Desert is located on the third largest continent, North America. Which is west of the Atlantic Ocean, east of the Pacific Ocean, south of the Arctic Ocean, and north of Central and South America. The Chihuanhuan Desert reaches into both the United states and Mexico. In Mexico the Chihuahuan Desert is in Durango, Nuevo Leon, Coahuila, Chihuahua, Zacatecas, and San Luis Potosi. In the United States it’s in Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas. The Chihuahuan Desert has a mean annual temperature of about 75° F. Though because there are such drastic elevation changes the Chihuanhuan Desert experiences a major…

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  • The Akobo Desert Summary

    A is for the Akobo Desert because Salva crossed this desert with Uncle. Salva was young boy when he crossed the desert with his group on his way to the Itang refugee camp in Ethiopia. B is for Blood because there was blood when the Janjaweed found Salva’s group. They took Salva’s uncle and killed him. There was also blood when the people were being shot as they swam across the river. C is for Crocodiles because Salva’s group swam through crocodile infested waters. As they swam many people…

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  • Essay On Simpson Desert

    Introduction: The Simpson Desert is a large area of red sand dunes, in between the Northern Territory, South Australia, and Queensland, and is the world's largest sand dune desert. The explorer Charles Sturt, who visited from 1844 – 1846, was the first European to discover the desert, the desert has a very hot, and dry climate. Rainfall is not seen much, averaging only about 150 mm per year, falling in summer. Producers: The producers of the Simpson Desert *Strzelecki Dunefields* is limited to…

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  • A Desolated Desert Short Story

    A desolated desert is flat and barren. The parched desert sun sears over any scrap of fauna, with thorns to tell us that they are a danger. The air is arid, with not a hint of moisture, weaving and scratching my pharynx. There is emptiness in the desert, it is full of lifeless and fearful snakes in desire to hiss, slither, and warn you a farewell to your own proceedings. However, I was wrong. Taking the clean air for granted, I did not feel the beauty of the wind blowing and interweaving through…

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  • Bones Of The Sahara Desert Analysis

    The Sahara Desert is the largest desert in the world. According to geography., the desert covers over 3,500,000 square miles. That is about 10% of the African continent. Today the Sahara Desert is one of the driest and hottest places in the world. The average temperature is 86 degrees Fahrenheit and the temperature can rise up to 126 degrees Fahrenheit. The video “Bones of the Sahara” by PBS. The video is about a Paleontologist who discovers human bones in the Sahara Desert and he…

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  • Oyvind Fahlstrom's Eddie In The Desert

    Oyvind Fahlstrom’s 1965 Eddie (Sylvie’s Brother) in the Desert is just one of many different artworks that are on display in the new wing of the Art Institute of Chicago. This piece of artwork is part of a gallery on display titled The New Contemporary. It features an extraordinary amount of art works ranging from the years of 1945 to today. Fahlstrom’s piece features ink and tempera on wood along with twenty cutouts on vinyl. In the early 1960’s he began to make what he called “variable”…

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  • Desert Safari Essay

    Client URL: Desert Safari Tips That Can Make the Trip More Pleasant and Enjoyable Most probably, one of the things that top your travel bucket list is taking a desert safari. As many travelers say, it is the most fun activity that you can do in the desert. If you are going to a destination that is known for having great sand dunes, then it is something that you cannot miss. However, keep in mind that such kind of trip is that all comfortable and convenient. Here are…

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  • Nullarbor Desert Research Paper

    The Nullarbor Plain Desert Ecosystem Lars Hunt Location: The Nullarbor Plains Desert spans Western and Southern Australia, between approximately 30°S-32°S, 121°E-134°E (figure 1) (Ref 1). The Nullarbor plain is bordered by the arid salt lakes region of Western Australia, arid plains of Southern Australia, and North by the Great Victoria Desert. It is bordered on the south by the Great Australian Bight seacoast (Ref 2). Figure 1 - Location of Nullarbor Plain Biome: The Nullarbor…

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  • Desert Raiders: A Short Story

    . Once the men saw look at the figures, they knew what they were: desert raiders. All three rushed to their bags the presented their weapons, but when they turned around to stand their ground, they were each met with two bolas being launched at them, which tied around their torsos and legs. They all fell to the sand, almost completely immobilized. As he struggled to gain freedom, Kader cursed, “Fight us like men, you damn cowards.” Once the desert raiders were directly in front of the trio, the…

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  • Lob Crossing The Gobi Desert

    Finally we have reached the great Kublai Khan at his summer palace in Shangdu, or journey is complete. After leaving the affluent town of Kashgar and testing our strength by first crossing through the Taklamakan Desert we spent a few months in Lob resting before crossing the Gobi. While in Lob, I met many many skeptical merchants with lots to say in regards to how hard it is to cross the desert. I heard many stories of terrible hardships that would occur to others when crossing the Gobi…

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