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  • Belonging In Desert Islands

    enough for our suppose to be harsh "punishment". All our belonging that we brought in our giantic suitcase are still left behind for future use for others who were like us . Although, we couldn 't imagine what you had done to become stranded like this;either by discovering this island called Maldives Desert Islands by total accident or sent here by another officer to do their…

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  • Lord Of The Flies Psychological Analysis Essay

    The Psychological Analysis of Lord of the Flies In Lord of the Flies, young boys ranging from six to twelve are stranded on a desert island after their plane has crashed. They have no connection or communication with society and the outside world, therefore they have no adults regulating their actions and behaviors. Without adults controlling them, they are able to make their own rules to abide by. But as the novel progresses, some of the boys begin to disregard the rules and societal rules…

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  • Lord Of The Flies Setting Analysis

    Essay Question: Describe an important setting. Explain why the setting is important. In the text, Lord of the Flies by William Golding, a group of young boys become stranded on a remote island where there are no adults. The novel takes place on a tropical island in the Pacific, in the midst of a nuclear war.The island is self sustaining but is surrounded by impassable waters so the children have little hope of rescue. The boat shape of the island is a reference to the ship of fools, a famous…

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  • Short Story: Through The Tunnel By Doris Lessing

    “Through the Tunnel” In Doris Lessing’s short story, “Through the Tunnel”, the author teaches the reader about setting goals and achieving them. “Through the Tunnel” tells the story of a young English boy named Jerry who’s mother lets him go and allows him to explore the bay. While on the bay, he meets a group of boys who he ends up swimming with. While swimming with the boys, Jerry discovers that the boys are swimming through a tunnel underwater. Eventually, the boys go off somewhere else…

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  • The Fall Of Order In Lord Of The Flies By William Golding

    Lord of the Flies by William Golding is set on an island located in the midst of the Pacific or Indian ocean. A group of children crashes here and is required to work together to survive with no adults in sight. They thus decide upon a leader and an order, yet this begins to collapse as reason fades from the group and a newly found savagery remains. The havoc that envelops the island slowly develops across the story as the children lose focus on their priorities, and suddenly they all turn to…

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  • Through The Tunnel Doris Lessing Summary

    In Doris Lessing’s short story, “Through the Tunnel”, the Lessing teaches the reader about setting and achieving them. “Through the Tunnel” tells the story of a young English boy named Jerry whose mother allows him to go explore the bay. He meets a group of local boys and ends up swimming them. While swimming with the boys, Jerry discovers that the boys are swimming through an underwater tunnel. Eventually, the boys go off somewhere else and leave Jerry alone. Upset and lonely, Jerry swims…

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  • Lord Of The Flies Summary

    Lord of the Flies The book “Lord of the flies” by William Golding is about a group of boys who are stranded on an island after their plane was, tragically, shot down. While they are on the island, the string that connects them to the outside world, and who they really are inside, is stretched to its limits and, eventually, severed. Without an adult figure present, they decide that they need someone to take charge. The kids end up taking a vote which gave this position to Ralph. With the weight…

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  • Conch Shell Symbolism Essay

    deserted island all by themselves. William Golding develops the conch shell as an object of extreme power and influence by writing the characters to have a dog like obedience to the shell, as well as whoever is holding it. At the beginning of the book, Ralph and Piggy found the conch shell. “The conch, to take an obvious example from the story, stands for a society of laws in which, for example, people take their turn in speaking”…

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  • Dystopian Novel 'Lord Of The Flies' By William Golding

    Lord of the flies, a realistic/dystopian novel written by William Golding follows a group of boys that have been stranded on an island after a horrific airplane crash which killed all adults. The boys are left to survive on their own on an uncharted island, and form a sense of society - however as the novel progresses, the boys will realize that society can be torn apart by the desire and struggle for power. The protagonist, Ralph, is one of the few British schoolboys who survived a chilling…

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  • A Deserted Island Character Analysis

    Imagine a deserted island, far away from the city and its bright lights, in a place no one has ever heard before. It could be called a paper town or a ghost town. However know that nothing and no one is there. Now imagine being stranded on that exact island. Panic and fear are the only emotions being felt. But the island is not empty anymore, for now its population is three. Now resided by three of the worst people, Sarah from “Ah Love! Ah Me!”, Barett from “Take Over Bos’n” and Fear, the…

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