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  • Book Analysis: A Long Walk To Water

    In both stories, culture, time, and place affect their future, who characters turn out to be and their survival. Culture is the beliefs of a certain group of people. The way your parents raise you usually affects who you are. In the book A Long Walk To Water, two tribes, the Dinka and the Nuer, are analogous in miscellaneous ways but they are enemies. For example, Salva and Nya both value cattle as a person's wealth…

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  • Comparing Linda Sue Park's A Long Walk To Water

    initiative and become an independent leader. It was just a regular day in school for Salva until he heard gunshots. “CRACK!”(5) Was a loud sharp noise that came from outside of the school. No one really knew what it was, so the teacher and the students just continued learning, until… “CRACK! Pop-Pop-CRACK!”(5) Now they knew, gunshots. Immediately the teacher made the kids get onto the ground. “Into the bush, not home.”(6) The teacher and all the students were in peril from the gunfire. The…

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  • The Akobo Desert Summary

    A is for the Akobo Desert because Salva crossed this desert with Uncle. Salva was young boy when he crossed the desert with his group on his way to the Itang refugee camp in Ethiopia. B is for Blood because there was blood when the Janjaweed found Salva’s group. They took Salva’s uncle and killed him. There was also blood when the people were being shot as they swam across the river. C is for Crocodiles because Salva’s group swam through crocodile infested waters. As they swam many people…

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  • A Long Walk To Water Quotes

    If you were on a long, dangerous journey in Southern Sudan, what traits would you need to survive? In A Long Walk To Water, Salva and Nya are both going through daily hardships of life in Southern Sudan. Two times a day, Nya (in the year 2008-2009) must make a long trip down to the pond to get water for her family. Salva is in school one day in 1985 when an attack goes on and he is told to flee into the bushes and not return home. This causes a long and hard search for his family and refugee…

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  • A Long To Water Quotes

    What the refugees of the second sudanese war had to go thru. “I was born into Sudan's civil war, and before I could read or write, I was using an AK47 in the conflict between the Muslim north and Animist/Christian south over the land and natural resources.”-Ger Duany.During the sudanese war many young boys who are known as the lost boys of sudan were forced to either flee their home or to fight in the sudanese war just as Ger Duany was.During the war the boys who didn't end up fighting…

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  • Dinka Girl Analysis

    Martha is a little Dinka girl living in Africa or Juba to be more exact. Juba is a very important city in Southern Sudan. Martha was born and raised there. She went through laughs and struggles. Civil war seemed endless. I live in Georgia and I used to always think about how I would have nothing in common with anyone who lives in Africa or in any other part of the world, but after reading this story I have found a few things that I have in common with a Dinka girl. When Martha was a toddler,…

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  • The Theories Of Time And Space: The Nuer

    are known for fighting in between tribes. In a fight, there are usually two different tribes. The other tribes that are watching are to remain neutral during the fight. In these fights, most of the fights are to happen between the males. The boys are allowed to fight, and they are taught by their fathers, as the fathers are the ones who have the experience to fight as well as being in a earlier generation of the tribe. However for the kinsmen, they also trained to fight if they are close in…

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  • South Sudan

    separating from North Sudan and establishing itself as an independent country on July 9, 2011 (CIA, 2016). Because of the different influences that affected the different tribes, also fighting began to occur between ethnic groups in Southern Sudan during and after the civil war with North Sudan. I am going to examine the changes that occurred in Sudan and focus on the differences between the two largest tribes of the Upper Nile area, the Dinka and the Nuer. By starting with the traditional ways…

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  • What Is Sala's Relationship In A Long Walk To Water

    through the interactions of people. The tight bonds within the tribes are some of the greatest examples of this Character-based theme. Salva, after being left behind by the much older group, sees an elderly woman outside of the barn. Upon examination, the woman appears to be from the same tribes as him, Dinka. Salva approaches her, doing so, he addresses the woman as “Auntie.” Salva, a complete stranger to this lady, can consider her a familial member such as Auntie, as she hails from the same…

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  • Four Types Of Arranged Marriages

    Arranged marriages is a practice that has been around for several centuries and has become a broad term over the course of time. Aside for the standard process of parents finding marriage elligble partners, there are several other types that fit under this practice, such as: child marriages, exchanged marriage, diplomatic marriage, introduction only, love-cum-arranged marriage, mail order, modern arranged marriage, and modern arranged marriage with courtship [New World Encyclopedia]. The…

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