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  • El Chupacabra Research Paper

    Most people believe “El Chupacabra” is a myth while others don't. Although many have claimed that they have seen it, they don’t have proof. It may just be some stray dog, or canine-type creature. One of the pieces of evidence goes something like this "It can change colors at will, has a hairy, reptilian body with spines all along its back and an obsession with blood. El Chupacabra translated into English means "the goat-sucker," because that's exactly what it does. El Chupacabra made its first appearance in the farmlands of Puerto Rico where it left tons of goats dead. All of the goats had been left fully intact, but were drained of all their blood." (Achilles paragraph 1). The description of it describes a small, hairy, reptilian body with…

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  • Chupacabra Research Paper

    stories, like all stories of legend, start somewhere. The legend of the Chupacabra comes from Latin cultures, mainly Puerto Rico, where it was first sited back in 1955 by locals. The locals were experiencing strange live stock mutilations mostly goats found with all their blood drained. In the 1970’s people all over South America started experiencing this same vampiric style killings of their live stalk and people began to see the creature in these areas. The stories, mutilations, and sightings…

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  • The Wong Kids In The Space Chupacabra Go

    Arts Emerson and Ma-Yi Theater Company’s showing of The Wong Kids In The Secret of The Space Chupacabra Go! on the Paramount Main Stage is the best example of children’s entertainment that is equally engaging to an adult audience. Although I went into the show thinking that it may be too childish for me to enjoy, all of my expectations were quickly expelled as soon as the show started. It was an extremely entertaining piece of theatre, and it was disappointing how empty the seats were. The…

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  • Summary Of Tracking The Chupacabra By Benjamin Radford

    Tracking the Chupacabra by Benjamin Radford still intrigues the typical mindset of our society today. His two chapters, "A brief History of Vampires" and "Chupacabra in Pop Culture", establish the foundation of Puerto Rico and other Spanish peaking countries superstitions and while indefinitely, inscribing the significant background of its vampiric roots and the impact it has in our culture. Radford's work is extremely fascinating, to not only describe the encounters of the Chupacabra in its…

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  • Different Characteristics Of El Chupacabra And La Loroona

    In all cultures, there are certain things that make them significant to others. Such as their foods, clothing, religion and even stories and legends. In this report, I will include two of the stories important to many Hispanics. This will include El Chupacabra and La Llorona. The two stories are really related but are of two very different characters. Of course, till this day there is no full proof or evidence that both of these stories are nonfictional. To start this report I will firstly go…

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  • Urban Legend Research Paper

    Every culture has some sort of urban legends that frightens you and make you wonder if it 's real or just another legend. Like in Japan they have one urban legend about a creature called Kuchisake-Onna or the slit-mouthed woman. A vengeful spirit who preys on children, cutting the heads or slicing their mouth like hers if the answer is wrong. Another urban legend originating in the United States is the Mothman. Bring disaster wherever he goes like a bad omen. But for my own Hispanic culture,…

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  • The Minotaur: The Role Of Monsters In Ancient Greek Culture

    In the history of the Greek culture, myths emerged to explain the unexplainable. Some of the myths that came about were about monsters, and one monster is the Minotaur. Son of Queen Pasiphae of Krete and an actual bull, the Minotaur came into this world. His mother Queen Pasiphae shut him in the Cnossian Labyrinth, with the only food source being the bodies of youths and maidens that the Athenians were obliged to send as tribute. Asterion, the birth name of the Minotaur, means “starry one” that…

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  • My Zombie, Myself: Why Modern Life Feels Rather Undead By Chuck Klosterman

    Davis talks about legendary stories among Latin culture that have been going around for a lot of years. He believes that the legendary story of the Chupacabra is much more than just a monster story the actual monster called the Chupacabra also known as “goatsucker” is a story about a monster that resembled parts of “dog, coyote, bats, rats, and even a bit of alien” (Davis 46). Davis believes that the story was made of pure fear and humor among the Latin community (Davis 46). Davis explains the…

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  • Fragile-Personal Narrative

    like big drug dealer? Does he take hits out on people?” “Certainly not,” she said frowning. “What he deals in is secrets. He can find out anything about anyone and use it against them. Some say he uses a demon to discover what people are hiding. But those are Hazleigh rumors. Purleigh villagers believe he uses the old ones.” “Old Ones?” Marisol rolled her eyes. “You know—gargoyles.” I almost choked on the soda I was sipping. She laughed and handed me a napkin. “Silly, isn’t it? But some of the…

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