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  • El Chupacabra Research Paper

    Most people believe “El Chupacabra” is a myth while others don't. Although many have claimed that they have seen it, they don’t have proof. It may just be some stray dog, or canine-type creature. One of the pieces of evidence goes something like this "It can change colors at will, has a hairy, reptilian body with spines all along its back and an obsession with blood. El Chupacabra translated into English means "the goat-sucker," because that's exactly what it does. El Chupacabra made its first appearance in the farmlands of Puerto Rico where it left tons of goats dead. All of the goats had been left fully intact, but were drained of all their blood." (Achilles paragraph 1). The description of it describes a small, hairy, reptilian body with spines along its back. It has an obsession with blood. "El Chupacabra" means "the goat sucker" in english. The reason why it's called that, is because that is what it does. “El Chupacabra is said to be able to fly and is also able to blend into its surrounding by changing color just like a chameleon. At night El Chupacabra will be black or gray in color, while in the day it will change to a green or gray-green, similar to the vegetation around it." (Achilles, paragraph 2). Apparently, "El Chupacabra" can fly, and can camouflage like a chameleon. At night is is gray or black, and in the day it is green or gray-green. “Since its first attack on the Puerto Rican goats, El Chupacabra has attacked livestock all over North and South America…

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  • Civil Rights Movement In Texas

    Brian D. Behnken’s Fighting Their Own Battles discusses the civil rights struggle in Texas from the 1940s to the 1970s. After looking at three newspapers from this time period, it is clear that the San Antonio Register did not cover the civil rights movement in Texas any differently the Breckenridge American and The Cuero Record. In the 1950s, Brown v. Board of Education emerged, completely changing the segregation in schools. The backlash that came from the South was incredible; just looking at…

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  • Arthur Mullinax: Night Watchman At The National Pencil Factory

    Arthur Mullinax was a street car driver, and Newt Lee was the night watchman at the National Pencil Factory. Both men were arrested on suspicion of the murder of Mary Phagan. Lee was the man who discovered Mary's body the day after she was murdered. Mullinax had driven Mary to and from work on more than one occasion. He was arrested because a witness claimed to have seen the two together that Saturday. Leo Frank was questioned, but released the same day. John Gantt, a former bookkeeper at the…

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  • Translation Challenges Essay

    embarrassing blunders that could potentially ruin the image of whatever product is being sold. Swarajya magazine compiled a list of translation errors that took place within the advertisement campaigns of large English speaking companies into other languages. For example: After the Jolly Green Giant was launched by the General Mills in the Middle East, realisation dawned that when translated it meant Intimidating Green Ogre. Quite surely the customers must have got scared enough not to buy the…

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  • Gender Norms In Dominican Culture

    of gender norms and emphasis on sexuality within the overall Dominican culture is very important since it causes Oscar, Beli, and Abelard to question their beliefs and personal identity. Beli moves to the US to escape her past and be free, but she continues to experience difficulty with her identity and having a sense of belonging. Back in the Dominican Republican, Beli states her desire “to be free” upon seeing how the Gangster was able to travel the world and do whatever he likes (Diaz 134).…

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