El Chupacabra Research Paper

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Most people believe “El Chupacabra” is a myth while others don't. Although many have claimed that they have seen it, they don’t have proof. It may just be some stray dog, or canine-type creature. One of the pieces of evidence goes something like this "It can change colors at will, has a hairy, reptilian body with spines all along its back and an obsession with blood. El Chupacabra translated into English means "the goat-sucker," because that's exactly what it does. El Chupacabra made its first appearance in the farmlands of Puerto Rico where it left tons of goats dead. All of the goats had been left fully intact, but were drained of all their blood." (Achilles paragraph 1). The description of it describes a small, hairy, reptilian body with …show more content…
It attacked goats, and has attacked livestock all over North and South America. The worst thing its done was in the year of 1995, in the winter. It was in 3 months in Canvas, and in Puerto Rico. 69 chickens, goats, and ducks were also killed in "chupacabra-style". There were 69 chickens, goats, and ducks killed, they say, yet they don't have proof.
If that wasn’t very convincing, here's more: "El chupacabra, or just chupacabra, is a legendary cryptozoology creature that has been haunting various parts of the globe since an initial sighting in March 1995. The term “chupacabra” is derived from Spanish, with "chupar" meaning “to suck” and "cabra" meaning “goat.”" (Henning, paragraph 1). The "goat sucker" (chupacabra), is derived from spanish, because the first sighting was in Puerto Rico, and one of their languages is spanish. "The creature gained this dark, mystical name from the initial reports from Puerto Rico in 1995. In March and August 1995, attacks on more than 150 farm animals left officials dumbfounded. Eyewitness accounts, published in local newspapers, spoke of a creature with a “reptilian body, oval head, bulging red eyes, fanged teeth and long, darting tongue.” The farm animals in Puerto Rico were found to be drained of blood with puncture wounds in the neck. No meat was taken from the animals’ bodies. The situation in Puerto Rico reached such a fever pitch that Mayor Jose Soto recruited volunteers to hunt the creature weekly
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In March and August 1995, more than 150 farm animals were attacked. Some eyewitnesses talked about a reptilian body, oval head, red eyes, fanged teeth, and a pointy tongue. The farm animals in Puerto Rico were found with two puncture wounds on their necks, and they were drained of all of their blood. No meat was taken from the bodies. How can 150 farm animals be drained of all their blood so fast? Wouldn't someone be smart enough to go check on the animals? I think that someone used yellow journalism for that. Nobody has proof of that so how can that be

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