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  • Informative Essay On Acoustic Guitars

    It set the stage for all the guitars to come, like Antonio Torres' new and improved guitar in 1950. Even Antonios guitar wasn't as good as they are today, the sound wasn't the greatest, and the quality wasn't the greatest since they were just starting to get out in the world. The first guitar with metal strings was made in 1900, then on from that Gibson made the first electric guitar in 1920. To conclude the brief history of guitars, they became what they are today (pretty interesting right?). Body #2: The way guitars are made seems to always be changing, from handcrafted, to assembly lines, to computers and machines. People who professionally make guitars are called luthiers, but very few are left. Luthiers completely handcraft guitars, but most guitars people buy are from big companies, so most luthiers now just repair guitars instead of make them. Big guitar companies have been making guitars through assembly lines, so they would have a ton of employees and each one wild have his own job. There are people who only put the frets on, people who only glue the pieces together, people who only cut out the pieces of wood that are needed, people who, etc. More recently, big guitar companies are starting to use machines and computers, which means faster work, which means more guitars, which means more money (I think you get the point). I watched a few videos on how machines make guitars, and all of the machines do exactly what they are supposed to every time. There is still an…

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  • Acoustic Guitar History

    understanding of how wood works and the basics of acoustic sound will enable the creation of an acoustic guitar. The guitar’s history is very vague. The guitar has many ancestors like the lute, the stringed bowl, or the kithara. Guitar is defined by Dr. Michael Kasha, who was a physical chemist but his guitar design is patented and is known as "Kasha guitar". A 30-year collaboration with luthier Richard Schneider led to innovative…

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  • John Juzek Violin Analysis

    Elson, Louis Charles, and Arthur Elson. The History of American Music. New York: Macmillan, 1925. Print. - This citation refers to the qualities and characteristics of vintage European violins. Erardi, Glenn. "Old Violin Holds Hints about Luthier." ProQuest. Spokesman Review, 9 Feb. 2001. Web. 2 Nov. 2016. - This citation talks about Vintage Violin makers. Hirst, Ellen Jean. "Endeavor of Guesswork: Whether by Traditional or Technological Methods, Violin-makers Strive to Match Work of Old…

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  • Sal Salvador's Influence On Jazz Music

    jazz guitar guideline books, and for various years played in a fruitful jazz guitar pair with the late Allen Hanlon. In later years Sal stayed in Connecticut where he isolated his time between heading the guitar offices at the College of Bridgeport and Wesconn State College, private instructing, and playing with different jazz bunches. In 1978 Sal Salvador re-developed by propelling some new recordings and had a higher profile as a performing jazz guitar player amid his most recent 20 years,…

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  • Descriptive Essay: Practicing The Violin

    A choice has been made to pick this delicate instrument, a weapon of my choice—the violin. Carefully, one removes the seals from the case it has been resting in—it made a soft clicking sound like the locks from a prisoner’s cage. The case opens slowly revealing what was inside of it. The instrument patiently waits for its master as it lays on its furry navy blue bed. Silence filled the room as each one stare at each other and talk with their amazed eyes. The violin was glistening with beauty;…

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  • Acoustic Guitar Essay

    doorsteps. By then the famous guitar makers were Washbun and C.F.Martin & Co. they were recognized as the high-quality suppliers of instruments at favorable prices. The guitar was mostly preferred by those who could not afford pianos. In 1893, the Columbian exhibition, a renowned trade fair, largely influenced the enthusiasm for Hawaiian music. The urban populace enrolled for guitar lessons, while those in rural areas taught themselves the technique. In early 1900’s, after the expulsion of…

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