Informative Essay On Acoustic Guitars

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INTRO: Do you have one thing that you are very interested in, or one thing that you really think is pretty cool? I know you do, but have you ever stopped to think how it is made? Toward the end of the year in shop class, we were given the assignment of writing an essay on mass production. We had to select one thing that is mass produced, and write a very detailed five paragraph essay on it. I am a major fan of all things that make music or all things that make noises, I chose acoustic guitars. While I researched how guitars are mass produced, I thought that the history was pretty interesting, along with where and how they are made.

Body #1: As I mentioned earlier, I think that the history of guitars is pretty interesting, so in this paragraph I am going to tell you a lil' somethin' somethin' about it. Stringed
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(Most other countries make poor quality guitars). Gibson is one of the most well known guitar companies out there, thanks to the quality of their guitars. Gibson is an all american company, having manufacturing plants in Nashville, Memphis, and Bozeman. Dean guitars is another good brand of guitar, I own one myself actually. Dean guitars are made in Chicago, Illinois, they are also very high quality, and if you don't believe me, then you can search for Dean guitar reviews on the internet. The ratings on the websites are almost all fours and fives with little to none below that. Based on all of the websites I could find, the U.S.A. is the best guitar producing company in the world. According to, “When it comes to guitars, United States are dominant without any real competition. Gibson and Fender became almost synonyms with the best guitars in the world.” See?! It's all about where the guitar is made, some questionable companies have some decent guitars, but if you want all great guitars, go for American

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