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  • Blob Man Research Paper

    What other random supplies from around the room could you use in your video? Clay Heroes (small group) Let’s make some movies! Help break students into groups, each with its own camera, computer, The HUE Book of Animation, googly eyes, clay bones and a 4 oz block of clay. Like before, groups should diversify their clay colors to prevent an army of red blobs. Groups have p. 26-27 in The HUE Book of Animation for reference as they create new adventures for Blob Man. Again, encourage students to take on a new role. Each film crew needs clay sculptors, software animators, camera operators and creative directors. What unique interactions can each team invent for Blob Man? Clean Up and Wrap Up (whole group discussion) Save the Clay Hero movies in Animation Studio, close out of computers and deconstruct the Blob Men, collecting the wiggly eyes and clay to use again next lesson. Then, gather together to debrief the day. Possible discussion questions: What different ideas did groups come up with? What great examples of realistic movement did you see? How did they do it? What other props would be fun to experiment with in future movies? Check for Understanding Why do some clay characters need…

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  • Everly's Play Case Study

    Observers performed two tests on Everly, which included Piaget’s the conservation of number task and the conservation of mass task. When observers performed the conservation of mass task, they took a ball of model magic and broke it in half evenly. Then observers asked Everly if these two blobs of model magic were even, and Everly responded yes. After, observers took one of the blobs and proceeded to break the blob into tiny little pieces. Once completed, observers asked Everly if the original…

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  • The Blob Symbolism

    The Blob The cult classic 1958 film “The Blob” starring a young Steve McQueen, is not only interesting to watch, it also gives the viewer a number of insights into that era. The milieu in Post World War II America is the dominant sign in the film. The era is the signified and there are a number of signifiers. The film begins with the theme song “Beware of the Blob, it creeps and leaps…” and the viewer is made aware of the fascination for monsters that Americans had during that period. Spook…

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  • Blob Fish Research Paper

    The blob fish has always been dubbed "the world's most disgusting animal", but to me it's one of the most wonderful creatures ever tob grace the earth. The blob fish or in scientific terms, the "Psychrolutes marcidus"live in the deep waters around the coasts of Australia and Tasmania. They live in waters of 80 times the normal presure of sea level. Normally any creature at that depth would be crushed and die, but the blob fish has no bones. It's body is entirely made of strange gelatinous flesh…

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  • MASS Moca Museum Report

    look at. Wall painting 901 specifically had many colorful vertical running up and down the wall. It also had a huge black, irregular blob in the center of the wall, overlapping the colorful bands in the background. Unlike the other wall paintings, this specific one stood out to me and made me wonder why the artist included the black blob over the…

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  • Tangerine Paul Fisher Quotes

    Edward Bloor, Paul and Erik Fisher are rivaling brothers who don’t get along very well. In the book, Paul and Erik have diverse personalities so they are opposite geometric characters. Erik Fisher is very bold, he stands out on the football field and in the neighborhood. Erik is also very popular and cool, because of these characteristics Erik is defined as the shape is “pow”. On the other hand, Paul Fisher is very abstract and much less than his older brother Erik. So he is the beginning of a…

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  • Aliens: A Cinematic Analysis

    molecular immunology, author of The Biology of Science Fiction Cinema, has written on the subject of creatures in science fiction and their biology. For example, the 1988 film The Blob, presents some factual biological science about this alien from space, and some not-so-factual science. What Glassy has identified as correct with the blob’s cellular biology is that of its act of digesting its prey in its body. In the movie, the Blob would absorb its prey into it body and then it would digest all…

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  • California Winter Effects

    California’s precipitation levels remained below average. Pedro DiNezio and Yuko Okumura in “Early Years of California’s Drought” reported, “The below-average precipitation is connected to a large ridge of high pressure looming offshore, blocking moisture-laden storms from traveling through California.” According to Dan Baum in his Scientific American publication “Change of State,” “Such high-pressure jet stream-blocking ridges are common off the coast of California, but usually they dissipate…

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  • The Skies Movie Analysis

    Scott wakes up as the room is illuminated. The lighting has a strange white tint, but not enough to annoy the eye. There is also a faint odor that smells of garbage. As he opens his eyes, Scott discovers he is sitting in a chair at a table with five creatures that he has never seen before. Seated directly to his right is a brown, blob-like creature which seems to be where the garbage scent is coming from. To his left, at the head of the table, is a robot that has a human-like body, but its head…

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  • Personal Narrative: A Forty-Foot Jump

    Camp is place unlike any other. It is a place that people’s wall begin to fall down and new relationships are formed. This is bound to happen when you drop 200 teenagers in the middle of the Smoky Mountains without any of their electronics. I was lucky enough to be chosen for the Project Serve team and got to see camp from a new perspective. I got to be a part of all of the behind the scenes work, but also daily interactions with all of the campers due to my job at camp. I had been flown 1,500…

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