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  • Suspense In The Sniper

    importantly it destroys people. In this story, a lone sniper fights for what he believes in. The sniper is shown struggling as he fights to escape the enemy's sniper. In the short story,"The Sniper," Liam O'Flaherty uses setting, imagery, and pacing to create a feeling of suspense for the reader. The setting of the story is suspenseful because of its ominous and mysterious description. O’Flaherty uses diction in order to portray the suspeIn the story the author uses setting to create suspense. setting first appeared in the story " the long June twilight faded into night. Dublin lay enveloped in darkness(163)." The setting shows that it is dark, probably around midnight, and the feeling is eerie. This is considered suspenseful because usually bad things happen at night. Further, Setting is also shown when "machine guns and rifles broke the silence of the night(163)." This is suspenseful because the sniper is surrounded by thousands of artillery, which only Takes a couple of seconds to harm you. This causes an intense, and ominous feeling, and the constant feeling of death throughout the story. The author also uses the sentence"A machine gun tore up the ground with a hail of bullets(166)." This is suspenseful because of the feeling of death around the sniper, the enemy's were shooting at the sniper when the sniper was running across the street. This setting shows an intense, sinister, and suspenseful feeling due to the fact that the sniper could have been killed by the…

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  • Hold Your Head Up Theme

    Italian mafia was able to survive even in the worst of times? Before I say anything else I just want to say that the purpose of this opening was to get you interested. Having said that I actually do not know the answer to that question however I do know about the theme of that question. Being able to push through when the going gets tough. There are 3 songs that I have chosen that convey the same theme. The writers of these songs are Macklemore a white rapper and Dan Auerbach from the band Cage…

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  • Money Doesn T Buy Happiness Research Paper

    A lot of people keep calling happiness “relative.” But it has been said so many times that people just glaze over it and don’t truly understand happiness, they think it has to do with something of how you are doing in your life, specifically, with your successes. Comparing your successes such as an education, relationships and most importantly (especially in our materialistic saturated society) m-o-n-e-y. Everyone keeps sizing the people next to them to how ever much they make and how they are…

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  • Good Habits And Bad Habits

    by what remains after your bad habits are subtracted from your good ones.” -Benjamin Franklin SWITCHING from bad habits to good habits: Never under estimate the power of repetition, especially of negative actions, that you keep repeating on a daily basis. What appears insignificant or seems inconsequential at present, has the potential to change you big time in future if it is repeated daily without any break. Once you realize the artery clogging effect of those big burgers or the fattening…

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  • The Importance Of Screen Time In Education

    Has your son or daughter spent too much time on there phone or laptop and have their eyesight been getting worse even so did you see any changes in their behavior. Especially in younger kids as the age of 1 years old don't be alarmed I have good news and bad news. The information I have found is on reliable resources and from real sites yet these are 5 sources with good amount of information on each source. Although people believe that it is educational, screen time should be limited for…

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  • Machiavelli Bad

    history there have been many different types of leaders. Some are considered bad while others are considered good. All of these assumptions are based on how the people under and around the ruler perceives him. If they feel that he has unwanted qualities and has bad judgement then he is considered bad whilst if he is humble and always putting the people first then he is perceived as good. Machiavelli is a man whom went through many hardships in his life. While going through harsh trials he…

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  • The Carpe Diem Analysis

    What is the "live the moment", the "let yourself go", but a demonstration that both personal and social crises that the world is used? The reason is simple, the reality check, the present is not good, the images of the future are few and increasingly short with little projection, and last drag contradictions and violence situations where you want to take off and forget "automagically". The solution, bound into a kind of trance where thinking is not necessary or in the future, no past, no…

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  • Igbo And Iroquois Similarities

    preparations of an egg. The basic components are similar; however the specific way that it is attained differs. Specific differences are found in the creation myths of the Iroquois, the Igbo, and the Christian faith; however the similarities between the myths may perhaps be greater than coincidence and still continue to influence the world we live in today. The main difference found between the creation myths of the Iroquois, the Igbos, and the Christian faith are the number of days needed to…

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  • Personal Narrative: The Jones's Family

    There was once a family of five. This holiday would be full of pain and misery, for the wife and children have lost one of their loved ones. Once upon a time they were the happiest family in town but all good things must come to an end at some point. The Jones’s family were all excited for the upcoming christmas which was a few weeks away. The family consisted of Mary the wife and Bob the father with their three children the oldest being Ryan a 16 year old outstanding multiple sport athlete,…

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  • How To Go Back To The Future Essay

    the pares with my work. Also my very good friends how help my not have a bad day. If I am having a bad day they make my day better. Throughout my senior year there are still people helping my still to this day well who did I get to where I am today in school, and how I became a lot better at doing my homework and also not getting less or even no homework academy. For my to get to this point I had to work my but off and get a lot of help for some of the pares with my work. Also my very good…

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