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  • The Double Comparison

    Novels, plays, and movies often depict characters caught in a conflict with their doubles. Such collisions call a character’s sense of identity into question. The film The Double by Richard Ayoade takes Fyodor Dostoyevsky’s original book The Double and plays it with a modern twist. Upon closer inspection of Fyodor Dostoyevsky’s The Double and its movie adaptation by Richard Ayoade, we see that though both share many elements and plot progressions, the movie, as a more modern medium, utilizes its unique conception to provide a different outlook on Dostoyevsky’s philosophies. From the start of his book, Dostoyevsky’s tragic but comic tale depicts the decline of mental stability. Dostoyevsky opens his novella with Goyadkin Sr.’s unusual schizophrenia: from the paranoia of passing his boss to the eccentricity of shopping. This contrasts with the quiet, friendly person Dostoyevsky characterizes in the rest of the book. Soon, a double interrupts the nervous lead; Goyadkin Jr., the double, looks like him, sounds like him, but is not…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: A Double Sports Life

    Shunterrance Walton Mrs. Harper Comp. 1 23 Sept. 2016 A Double Life The double sports life is probably one of the best things to happen in high school. What is better than playing two of the most exciting sports in the school? Well, having those two sports at two different off seasons would be the best. More than likely, with me having an offseason is unimaginable. Playing two sports is not as miserable unless they carry on over to the next one. Do not get me wrong, I love basketball and…

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  • Double Effect

    moral distinction between physician aid in dying and the doctrine of double effect. Through defining these two terms and analyzing medical cases where killing a patient is morally permissible, I argue that there is no moral distinction between physician aid in dying and the doctrine of double effect. Originating from “Thomas Aquinas’…discussion of the permissibility of self-defense in the…

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  • Double Jeopardy Research Paper

    Queensland Double Jeopardy Provisions Double Jeopardy is a technicality law based upon the assumption that one cannot be repeatedly prosecuted in a criminal trial by either the jury, judge or appeal of court judges ("Questioning Double Jeopardy", 2016). This notion has been in existence for 800 years and originated from English Common Law. The double jeopardy protection averts three scenarios, a retrial for a crime that would attract a 25-year or more sentence if the original acquittal is…

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  • Billy Wilder's Film Double Indemnity

    The idea that love can change a person is truly evident in the classic film noir, Double Indemnity. Walter Neff, an insurance salesman develops feelings for his clients’ wife, Phyllis Dietrichson. Together they team up to commit a murder; the murder of her husband. This progression is shown through three different cinematography components: lighting, camera angles, and composition. Over the course of 107 thrilling minutes, Walter Neff becomes a whole new person due to his relationship with…

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  • Trnsys: A Simulation Study

    Results and discussions The results of optimisation for the first scenario reveals that the mechanical ventilated double skin façade operates at its optimum situation when the air cavity has its minimum possible dimension 0.05m with the ventilation rate equal 40 l/s. The successive optimisation process is provided in Figure 3. In the same way the outcome of optimisation of cavity depth and airflow rate for the rest of scenarios are illustrated in Table 3. Table 3 Optimisation results for each…

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  • Call Of Duty's Ad Analysis: Everyone Is Doing It

    unknown man sitting in the couch and telling a story to the audience. First, the viewers might thing that his words are reflecting a sexual content ‘ « Everyone is doing it. Guys are doing it with girls. Girls are doing it with other girls. Some get together in groups and do it. Some even do it with complete strangers. Some people like to do it hardcore. Some people like to watch others doing it. Over 20 million people are doing it. Safe to say, everyone’s doing it » and because of that double…

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  • Theme Of Split Identity In The Picture Of Dorian Gray

    determine which identity is their true self. In literature, the use of a doppelganger or a double allows the reader to see the internal struggle of the character expressed externally – essentially uncovering a hidden nature. In the deathbed confession style tale of “William Wilson” by Edgar Allen Poe, a young man by the name of William Wilson travels the world attempting to escape his double. While sharing the same name, the two men are opposite in morality. William’s double acts as the…

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  • Who Is Hogg's Fragmented Identity In Frankenstein

    Andrew Smith’s statement, referring to Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, can also be applied to James Hogg’s The Private Memoirs and Confessions of a Justified Sinner. Both works of later-Romantic Gothic, these novels deal with the social impact of their protagonists’ ‘selfhood’, or ‘inner life’, rather than how the outward sublime influences the ‘inner self’. Instead of seeking ‘transcendence’ in sublime nature, Victor Frankenstein and Robert Wringhim aim to transcend their social and spiritual…

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  • Why Choosing A Major Is Important

    majors at least one time. (borderzine) Through college, you may discover different things that intrigues you and new topics you would rather pursue instead. On the other hand though, changing your major can be detrimental if too late. For every major there is requisite coursework that is mandatory to complete in order to earn a degree. (princeton) Therefore, if you choose to change your major late in your college career, it may take more than the typical four years to finally receive your…

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