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  • Advantages Of Electronic Tablets

    Electronic tablets should be introduced to all classrooms. This age’s generation is all technologically centered and electronic tablets will improve learning in the classroom. Electronic tablets create a helpful connection between the in class learning and the outside sources. Electric tablets also have many different applications and uses to help with education. If students are introduced to electronic devices early on it will prepare them for how colleges are run nowadays. Personally, I believe electronic devices will help adolescents learn quicker and easier. Our generation can be considered technology centered. This generation is full of young folks with phones attached to their hips; with technology advancing as this generation grew up…

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  • Electronic Cigarette

    Electronic Cigarettes: the Next Threat to Human and Environment According to the National Institute of Drug Abuse, while the proportion of the cigarette smoking by teenagers is reduced to the lowest level in the survey’s history, the rate of the youth using electronic cigarettes has increased in significant numbers. Additionally, in 2015, the Discover Magazine emphasized the sales of e-cigarette increased 7 times within 4 years, “Sales of the product [electronic cigarettes] had already…

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  • Importance Of Electronic Technology And Technology

    Like most of the boys, I was deeply affected by the science fiction movies. Those High- Tech movies always raise my spirits. However, after years study in university, I have knowledge of how Engineering will allow me to see principles are applied and design the system. So, to fulfil my dream, electronic technology and renewable technology are the critical part of my plan. Base on the fundamental of electricity I learned in South China Agricultural University and Cardiff University, I can…

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  • Statement Of Purpose In Electronic Engineering

    I am a student of electrical and electronic Engineering and I like taking up my further studies with an outlook of innovative research. I frame my goals in that direction and put up the hard work to realize them as I strongly believe that the hard work is the key to success. I have a strong feeling that whatever the goals I have and whatever the strong frame work I prepare, the set goals may not be realized unless there is congenial academic environment and also an efficient academic agency to…

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  • Importance Of Electronic Business

    With over a third of the world’s population currently using the Internet and electronic commerce rapidly growing, electronic business is quickly becoming an essential strategy for companies to consider implementing. It is an initiative of immense impact, one that changes every aspect of the way traditional business is run. E-business is a broad concept that includes all the uses of information technology in business. It extends beyond the selling and purchasing of goods on the Internet that is…

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  • Electronic Cigarette Research

    Inside the cartridges of E-cigarettes typically filled with E-liquid, it must be noted that there are no quality controlling processes to monitor the production of these cartridges (U.S Food and Drug Administration 2010) and as a result the amount of different substances that are mixed in cartridges, especially nicotine may differ (U.S. Food and Drug Administration 2013). Careful examination by the U.S. FDA returned results that E-liquid cartridges from E-cigarettes that were classified as…

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  • The Benefits Of Electronic Cigarettes

    Electronic cigarettes are increasing in popularity, in particular with people who already smoke traditional cigarettes, some of whom are trying to use electronic cigarettes as a gateway to quitting smoking. Electronic cigarettes produce a water-based vapor instead of the combustible smoke produced by the tobacco in regular cigarettes. They contain a battery that heats a liquid containing nicotine, a variety of other chemicals, and sometimes propellants or flavorings, and changes this liquid into…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of New Electronics

    Did you get the new iPhone yet? What do you plan on doing with your old one? These are some questions that should be asked about any new electronics. Many company’s work to make the new great electronic device for the year, but this can lead to some serious environmental issues. When someone gets the new iPhone it is not uncommon for them to simply throw away the old one. The same can be said for many other goods such as video games, TVs, printers, etc. However, this leads to a huge amount of…

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  • Electronic Cigarette Smoking

    Vaping is gradually making its recognition and popularity among smokers around the world as they are looking for ways to improve their health without giving up a habit which they find to be satisfying. Now this is a real task to find the best electronic cigarette at the best price and with the optimum customer service. Vaping, which is all about inhaling and exhaling the vapors produced by an e-cigarette can help to lighten the desire to smoke while also lessen the potential health risks. The…

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  • Electronic Cigarettes Research

    It is a fact that e-cig sales are going through the roof. More and more people are tuning out traditional tobacco cigarettes and turning on to e-cigarettes. The product is also known by the name electronic cigarettes and vaporizer cigarettes. Here is a description. They are basically a device that looks quite similar to a traditional cigarette. However, the device is operated with a battery and works by vaporizing a non-nicotine solution. Studies show that the e-cigarette is an alternative for…

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