Elementary algebra

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  • Linear Equations Lab Report

    In this lab we will explain how to deduce the equation landing position of the ball thrown by the robotic arm stand. We must create the equations in terms of the radius, height, arm rotation speed, and release angle. The equations must be made with those variables because, those variables are what can change where the ball will land in the cup, and will make the equation more useful to the client. To make sure the equation will remain accurate we have to keep track of all the units throughout the process. Knowing that all equations should be solved in terms of the variables we can create an equation according to those variables starting with time. Since k equals the rotations per minute k will be the measurement of radians divided by the time it takes for the arm to arrive at that radian. The angular postion of an equation is therefore equal to 2*pi*k*t+ initial angular position. Since we also know that time and radians both equal zero initially, we determine that the angular position, which we will call @t, equals (2pi)*k*t. The variable t stands for time and 2pi is multiplied by k to represent that k is in term of rotations. Next, we move on to finding the position of the ball on the circle. This is a necessary step in finding the initial velocity and position of the ball when it is launched. Using the rules shown in step 2 of example work we take the sine and cosine of the angle and use the property of proportions to cross multiply and to show what x and y equal. Those…

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  • Summary Of John Nash Movie

    This movie has begun in Princeton University on September 1947. It starts with a class of guys listening to a professor on how each of the guys in the class was awarded a scholar ship to study in Princeton. Then there comes a guy name John Nash, who is the main character in this movie. From this, it will tell a story about John Nash and will also talk about his disorders in this movie. The group of guys that where in the class are now outside and talking to each other and getting to know with…

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  • Feminism Matters Bromley Analysis

    Feminism constantly works to eliminate oppression, inequality and discrimination. A highly important tool used by feminists to do this that assesses differences among individuals in society which the author of “Feminisms Matters”, Victoria Bromley critiques is called intersectionality. Intersectionality enables one’s critical thinking about a person’s interconnected multiple identities and also goes into a deep investigation about how these identities are interwoven into society’s power…

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  • Quartic Function: What To Do With The Sports Car

    In 1540, a man by the name of Lodovico Ferrari, please be aware that I don’t think his name has anything to do with the sports car, was an Italian mathematician known for discovering the solutions to quartic functions. A quartic function is a function of the form ax^4 + bx^3 +cx^2 +dx+e, where a is a nonzero, which is defined by a polynomial raised to the fourth degree, called quartic polynomial. We will probably go more in depth about these quartic polynomials soon in class. My quartic…

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  • Pascal's Triangle Essay

    aggregation of wisdom by several generations of ancient Chinese mathematicians. The book was composed around 2nd century BC to 10th century AD with no exact date could be tracked. But what we can know is, The Nine Chapters on the Mathematical Art is the basis of ancient Chinese mathematics, which is designated as the math textbook in Tang and Song dynasty (7th – 13th century BC) and widely spread in Asian countries. That period of time is also called the golden age of Chinese mathematics…

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  • The Importance Of Maths In My Life

    fact that my mother was a Nigerian high school teacher. She began teaching me in my early years how to add numbers up to one hundred, spell all kinds of words, and recite all kinds of stories. A few years later, my mother enrolled me in a private Nigerian school named ECLC, which stood for Executive care and learning centre. It was the best in the area; looking back on it, I’m not quite sure how my mother was able to afford the tuition. The school taught from nursery, all the through high…

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  • Importance Of My Experience With Mathematics

    I continued on in high school with geometry, a second year of algebra, precalculus, trigonometry, and calculus. Thus far, my math courses in college have also been easy for me. My least favorite teacher was my calculus teacher, and it was not solely because of the tough subject matter. He was an engineer who took up teaching after retirement. He very simply could not teach well. He would stand in front of the board and talk through the problem at a pace that was almost impossible to follow. I…

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  • Modern Day Math Research Paper

    Different number were even believed to have a cosmic significance or magical powers. However the main thrust of Chinese mathematics came from the Empire’s desire to have administrators that were well versed in mathematics. Therefore in order to educate, a textbook called, “Nine Chapters on the Mathematical Art” was written. This important text became a vital part of Chinese education. This tool provided hundreds of problems in taxation, engineering and payment of wages. The text served as a…

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  • Ms. Caldwell Should Be Given To The Qualities Of A Good Teacher

    Ms. Caldwell definitely deserves being teacher of the year. If you ask me why I will say many things, for example, math wasn’t a subject I valued until I had Ms. Caldwell for Algebra 1. She always helped us and made sure she answered the questions we had. She would make my classmates and I go early in the mornings to her office so we could explain what we had done wrong and if we didn’t understand the material she would explain the material in detail and say why the answer is right. Her…

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  • Modern Day Algebra Essay

    Abstract: This paper is a report on the development of algebra throughout time. It’s slow, but nevertheless, unyielding progression brings us to the algebra we know today. However, it was not always based on the abstract, rather, it was born out of necessity. The need to calculate unknown quantities gave rise to algebraic methods and techniques practiced and taught even today. And, even though nowadays, algebra is a rather abstract mathematics, this was not always the case. It was through…

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