Elementary arithmetic

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  • Ideal Educational Experience

    Ideal Educational Experience Cheryl D. Michel Brandman University Educational Experience Teaching Math to Children with Disabilities I chose to write this paper on an actual teaching experience that I was recently afforded the opportunity to be a part of. Over the recent summer vacation in lieu of teaching students at my usual place of employment, I decided to seek an opportunity where I could offer my teaching/tutoring skills as a volunteer. I thought that since I would be offering free services, many schools would willingly take advantage of the opportunity, several of the schools offering extended after school resources were excited to hear of my offer. I received an opportunity to work in an elementary school…

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  • Common Core Standards

    Instead of teachers racing to cover many topics briefly, the standards now request that the teachers deepen their lesson plans and cover fewer topics during the school year (www.corestandards.org). Common Core math standards restructured the elementary standards to include more arithmetic. Elementary teachers spent time, in the classroom, on arithmetic along with other mathematical problems including, shapes, probability, and statistics (Jason Zimba, 2014). While everything that is being taught…

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  • Simon Stevin's Life And Accomplishments

    accounting he was also consulted on the matters of defense and navigation. One of the most important things that Simon Stevin did for mathematics was the elementary standardization of decimal fractions. Decimal fractions are fractions that are turned into decimals. The denominator, or the bottom number of a fraction is placed into the tens place, while the numerator, or the top number is placed to the right of the decimal point. In the year 1585 Simon Stevin released a publication of a…

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  • Classroom Misconceptions

    Note: As you begin to insert your responses to the prompts found in this document, please be sure to save it frequently, (and note the location of the file) so as to not lose any of your work. Once completed, you will submit this document to WGU for grading. Instruct What student misconceptions have you encountered related to fraction, decimal, and percentage concepts? How do you help students understand the notion of equivalence among fractions or prepare them for this understanding? One…

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  • Reading, Writing, And Arithmetic

    defined as what knowledge the student has gained from her previous education the student was tested on the three basic subjects Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic. The student is below grade level in most of these areas. Reading- The student could read most words and passages at a primer level except words ending in the silent “e” even though she has been taught how to read. It took her a very long time to read the passage though. She also had an easy time with the reading comprehension…

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  • Narrative Advantages And Disadvants In First Grade

    Students learn fractions much earlier than the average person expects. In today’s American education system, children are officially introduced to fractions in first grade. Children use fractions frequently in everyday life and in academics too. A website called, “Math Warehouse Lesson Plans,” provides a lesson plan about teaching fractions to first graders. This lesson plan can easily relate to an article written by the National Counsel of Teachers called, “Common Core brief: The fraction…

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  • Reflection On Slice Fractions

    In preparation for fractions number talk what I observed was very beneficial for students at the carpet it allowed students to discuss and share with one another. I liked the fact that after a student share students had to give a particular cue saying if they agreed with peer. I thought that was awesome. I also like how she went over what to expect during learning at table and how students will share. So some type of feedback was to be expected even if student did not still quite understand. As…

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  • Importance Of Teaching Fractions

    Fractions Fractions are difficult to learn and to teach, however they form an important part of primary education mathematics. Fractions both underpin the development of proportional reasoning, including the understanding of algebra and probability. Much of the confusion of teaching and learning fractions appear to be from the many different coding conventions (6/5, 1 1/4, 1.25, 125%), different representations (models) and interpretations (constructs) (Clarke, Roche & Mitchell, 2008). The…

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  • Quadratic Functions Essay

    In math, completing the square only works with quadratic functions, otherwise the equation will not be able to solve. An important rule to understand when deriving the quadratic formula by completing the square, is that the leading term must equal to “1”. On the other hand, if the leading term does not equal to “1”, one will have to factor the equation by dividing each term by the leading term. The quadratic equation must start as the following: 〖ax〗^2+bx+c=0. Next, the constant number is to…

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  • The Pain Scale By Eula Biss Analysis

    The measurements of our world strive to quantify the quality of our lives. The scales we use to measure ourselves and how we feel, fail to understand the concept of life itself. The tears of joy felt by a mother; the symphony of silence held by a survivor; the loudness of a murmur spoken as a prayer. Life is a composition, led by a melody, woven piece by piece, tied by our hopes and colored by our sorrows. Like darkness is the absence of light, pain is measured by the absence of happiness.…

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