Simon Stevin's Life And Accomplishments

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In history there are many men and women who have changed the face of mathematics and made it what it is today. Men such as Simon Stevin, created and worked to fix concepts that were already founded by many other mathematicians. Although he did some amazing things for mathematics he was also known for his work in science, and engineering. He did things such as inventing a carriage, standardizing decimal fractions and their uses, as well as refuting the doctrine created by Aristotle that stated, that heavy bodies fall faster than lighter ones, and list of the things he's done continues.
Simon Stevin, was born illegitimately sometime in 1548. Although he was a famous mathematician in the 16th century very little is known about his personal life, particularly his childhood. When Stevin was 35 he moved to the northern Netherlands to attend University of Leiden. There he met the son of William of Orange, and was later asked to be his tutor. Stevin was also responsible for creating a number of Prince Maurice’s textbooks, along with his tutoring duties. After the assassination of William of Orange
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Decimal fractions are fractions that are turned into decimals. The denominator, or the bottom number of a fraction is placed into the tens place, while the numerator, or the top number is placed to the right of the decimal point. In the year 1585 Simon Stevin released a publication of a pamphlet called the La Thienda, which means The Tenth. In this pamphlet that he released he goes into a detailed description of what decimal fractions are, what they do, and how they are used in everyday instances. He was known for declaring that the introduction of the decimal could be used in coinage, measurements, and weights. Later on through that same year Stevin released another pamphlet called La Disme, which means The Decimal on the same

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