How Did Pythagoras Use Math

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There are many famous and influential mathematicians that have done many wondrous and extraordinary things, some of these range it Einstein, newton and to pascal. But one interesting one in particular is Pythagoras. Pythagoras is one of the many famous mathematicians that has lived on the earth. What he did in math helped shape math to what it is today. Some things he did was learn math and science as much as he could, create the useful Pythagoreanism, and help progress the advancement of mathematics. Pythagoras was born in 750 BC and was a very intellectual philosopher. Supposedly he learned lots of different math and science concepts from different people. For instance, it is believed that he learned geometry from the Egyptians and astronomy from the caladiums. Pythagoras was a very well rounded man that traveled to learn all that he could. He traveled to places like Egypt and Crete to learn math and science concepts, but he a;so went to learn about the origins of their gods, that was a real interest of his. Pythagoras sounds a lot like the Pythagorean theorem, which should be the case because Pythagoras credited for creating the phylogram theorem.The pythagoreamtheorrelated diretclywoth thieangleswith geometry. It states that for a right triangle, the square of 2 sides is equal …show more content…
Which without the advancement of mathematics, the world today could be widely different. So it's a good thing Pythagoras and his apprentices and colleagues got together with the goal of advancing the field of mathematics.Some things that Porgras hypothesised, like his theory of Pythagorean tuning, were very ahead of the times. But like his theory of Pythagorean tuning, it was proved false. BUt that just goes to show how intelligent, he was and the things he could think that others couldn't. That's why he was successful in helping advancing

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