Reflection On Slice Fractions

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In preparation for fractions number talk what I observed was very beneficial for students at the carpet it allowed students to discuss and share with one another. I liked the fact that after a student share students had to give a particular cue saying if they agreed with peer. I thought that was awesome. I also like how she went over what to expect during learning at table and how students will share. So some type of feedback was to be expected even if student did not still quite understand. As it warmed them up for group work at their tables. Video I enjoyed the example of cornbread the teacher used. I like the fact students were encourages to share out in groups and teacher was able to walk observe. I also loved how calm her room was during …show more content…
Play the Brain POP Jr. Basic Parts of a Whole video for the class.
2. Display the Hard Quiz and take it together as a class. Use each question as a springboard for discussion in order to determine students ' prior knowledge and get them excited to learn more.
3. Tell students they will have the opportunity to explore equal groupings and splitting groups into squares through an online game called Slice Fractions. Explain they will be popping balloons, slicing ice, and solving fraction mysteries to guide a woolly mammoth across rough terrain, and challenge students to collect as many crazy hats for the mammoth as possible.
4. Allow students to explore the game independently or with a partner for approximately 10-15 minutes.
5. Once the majority of the class has finished the first five levels (which reinforce splitting group concepts), have students pause in their game play to discuss strategies. How did they avoid dropping too much ice? How has order of operations been important when dropping blocks onto the right spot? What connections did they make between the lava and equal

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