Reflective Essay On Teaching Session

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This assignment is a continuity of my Assignment 1 in Module Clinical Practice 1. I have chosen 3 topics on my teaching session for my reflection; Arterial Blood Gases Interpretation, Electro Cardio Gram Interpretation and Ventilator Care Bundle.

REFLECTION 1: Arterial Blood Gases Interpretation (496 words)
Description: I have done on my teaching session with the topic Arterial Blood Gases Interpretation on 15th June 2016, I have been assessed by my senior colleague to evaluate on my overall presentation according to the evaluation of teaching checklist. There are 5 component I have been assess; Scholarship, Method of presentation, Communication and Interaction, Learning and Approachability. Before my presentation, I spend some
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I felt that I presented much better than during my previous teaching session. I feel I could have done more to engage the audience. While I observed that most of them were paying attention, I wondered how many of them really interested about my presentation. I had thought of using humour to balance my dull image but I was afraid that this would make my teaching session slightly boring.

Conclusion: I think my presentation was successful. This teaching session has made me more aware of the dos and don’ts of a quality teaching. I will definitely self-reflect on all my future teaching session to continuously improve myself. Taking this course has indeed been an enriching experience for me.

Action Plan: To be effective educator, I am expecting I can learn and improve a lot of teaching skill. In the future, I will create an effective environment, including correlated cultivating a sense of mutual respect to my audience. This is an important indicator of success in my teaching session. I must learn to have the ability to make my audience feel valued toward my teaching and comfortable enough to take intellectual risks, which can impact nursing performance and behaviour. I am expecting by creating a conducive environment with learning, nurses are more likely to perform and

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