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  • Diagnostic Assessment

    the diagnostic assessment which focused on grade three student, Boris’s comprehension of number placement and value, Boris did well in most areas, with minimal exceptions. Boris took a great deal of time, when requested to partition the double digit the number. Though they progressed to partitioning the larger numbers in a standard and acceptable non-standard manner, they answered the two digit partitioning question with various multiplication equations. Boris stated that they “did partitioning at school on the computer but, they only had to give one answer like that one (points to example) (Jones, 2016.).” Boris indicated that as the first partitioning number scenario was that the most obvious Standard…

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  • Gibba Jabber Writing System

    the conversation to continue. Whereas if the same individual was to respond by saying “ko.” The singular full stop indicates that he/she is unimpressed and he/she would like an immediate nullification of the conversation. Capital letters are used to express anger. In order to show one’s enraged state all of their acronyms or words -if at that moment, is the instance discussed previously where the English language must be incorporated with Gibba Jabber - must be capitalized . The longevity of…

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  • Diagnostic Interview And Tutoring Sessions: Case Study

    She did not seem to be nervous and was informed that the purpose of the questions was to help a pre-service teacher learn and develop some effective ways of teaching through the follow up tutoring sessions. Athena began the MAI confidently and could read, write (on the calculator) and order two digit numbers with ease. With the bundling…

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  • Math Misconceptions

    In fourth grade various new math ideas are presented and many students can face difficulties when new material is introduced. Difficulties are especially displayed when it comes to discovering decimals. Although decimals are introduced in fourth grade they are continuously presented in math thereafter. One common misconception held about decimals is the idea that the more digits that are presented in a number, the greater the value of the number. An example of this is students believing that 3…

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  • Compare And Contrast Ancient China And India

    60 was used for basic math and 360 was used for circles The Sumerians also gave us the decimal system. The Hindu’s gave us the Arabic Numeral System which gave mankind counting numbers. With the extension of numbers, math took off. The Hebrew’s gave us another numeral system but this one went into the hundreds. The Babylonians gave us the digit 0 and then we had a a completed number system for that time. Agriculture was a ginormous element when civilization was first coming together and it has…

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  • Essay On Place Value Knowledge

    A student will start to develop their place value knowledge once they are confident using number names, classifying objects, identifying patterns and as they begin to develop their counting skills. From Year 1, the Australian Curriculum expects students to count collections to 100 by partitioning numbers using place value (ACARA, 2016). This means students need to learn about grouping in tens and that two-digit numbers are made up of tens and ones. Booker, Bond, Barrow and Swan (2014, p. 87)…

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  • Cat Food Case Study

    (S4) A 50 75 20 30 B 80 40 40 50 C -100 300 -50 10 D 25 25 25 25 6. ------------------------------------------------- Suppose all states of the world are equally likely (each state has a probability of 0.25). What is the expected value of perfect information? Round your answer to the nearest integer. 7. ------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- The following sales data are available for 2003-2008 : Year | Sales |…

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  • Place Value Essay

    one were either counted by ones to the arrow or guessed far outside the acceptable ranges. According to Booker et al’s (2014) sequence of numeration, this may indicate he has not consolidated thinking in the tens or established place value with 2 digit numbers. The partitioning of numbers in question 6 revealed he has developed some thinking in tens (Appendix B). However, Boris could not break the number down further than tens and ones, which might indicate a lack of practice in grouping. This…

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  • Importance Of Teaching Fractions

    the decimal point, these places are called tenths, hundredths, thousandths and so on (Mathematics Pathways, 2016). Students understanding of decimal fractions depends on what they understand about place value and common fractions. When learning each concept, students go through four phases. The four phases and students reasoning behind decimals fractions are: • The quantifying phase: by the end of this phase students typically believe that the decimal point is a decoration or punctuation and…

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  • What Is Square Shaped Structure Analysis

    the input data vectors and a position in the domain space. Thus, this causing the procedure for placing a vector from data space onto the map is to find the node with the closest weight vector to the data space vector. For achieving accurate results in SOM method, we have to make some correction and sophistication when adapting the algorithm. First of all, elements must fit exactly inside the main domain and reach the boundaries which we have received from the result of structure analysis with…

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