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  • Standard Arabic Essay

    it the fifth most commonly utilized language. Central Semitic in classification, it developed from a Proto-Semitic predecessor and has evolved significantly with time. Today, based purely on linguistic grounds, one could argue that Arabic is in fact not one distinct language, but is several because some dialects are mutually unintelligible. Jordanian Arabic is a mutually understandable branch of the South Levantine Spoken dialect of Standard Arabic spoken by 6,798,00 individuals worldwide. Among these individuals, approximately 3,590,000, including the subject of my interviews, live in Jordan. The remaining speakers reside mainly in Israel and Palestine. The Jordanian dialect differs from Standard Arabic in only special cases such as grammatical alterations in the use of pronouns and articles, drawing the majority of its lexical influences from French and Turkish. So far as its transcription into text, Jordanian Arabic utilizes the Standard…

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  • Knowledge Building Cycle Plan

    I am creating this lesson for my 7th Grade Reading Class; there are 15-20 students per class period. I currently, do not have any EL students in my classroom; however, I do have a range of student abilities in my classroom. About 15% of my student body qualifies for special education. As a result, using the knowledge-building cycle would benefit all my students. Therefore, this is why I am creating this knowledge-building cycle plan to incorporate in my actual classroom. Identify a list of…

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  • A Rhetorical Analysis Of Sarah Aoun's The Huffington Post

    section of the article rely on the assumption that the reader already acknowledges the existence of this bias within the field of tech, any skeptical audience stands a good chance of changing their opinion based on the subsequent section: "More Women in Tech Companies, Less women in Tech Roles." Aoun presents a compelling, logos-oriented argument through extensive use of numbers and statistics from a wide variety of well-known companies. This solidifies the logic of her position and provides a…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Struggle With English Reading

    There are many difficulties and struggles that a First Generation American student like myself experience on the daily. My main struggle is the language barrier with English reading and writing. Growing up with foreign parents was not the easiest thing, but ended up being worthwhile at the end. My first and native language is Polish. I had not learned the English language till I started preschool and that is where I learned it from. Due to not knowing English well enough, I had to go to…

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  • Auctoritas Essay

    In this chapter, I will investigate the various meanings of auctoritas through the works of Latin authors. The theme of my chosen vocabulary is the language of power and thus it is necessary to compare actual power to the air or appearance of power. The word derives from the Latin agent noun ‘auctor’ which is itself derived from ‘augeo’ meaning to ‘increase’ and the suffix ‘-tās’ which forms abstract nouns (LS 1879). I will be contrasting the use of auctoritas with that of imperium from the…

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  • The Wolf And The Crane

    For this experiment, I interviewed a six year old female named Destiny. For the first assessment we read Aesop’s The Wolf & the Crane, where the wolf tricks the crane into helping him in promises of a reward and then informs her that her reward was letting her live after helping him. I asked Destiny what she thought the story meant (what they were trying to say) and she responded with a concrete operational response such as “the wolf lied to the crane because he didn’t give her a reward like he…

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  • Ball Bounces Results

    bounce before coming to a rest? “ There were four groups and each one had a different ball in size to get a variety in the data. Each group did their own data analysis depending on the number of the bounces their ball did. Every group was expected to release the ball from their hands and count the number of bounces before coming to a stop which was then repeated 10 times. Once every group completed their task, the groups collaborated by sharing their results and combining all 40 numbers. By…

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  • Elements Of A Lesson Plan

    past hiking trips. (Present perfect) How many different pronunciations of the -ed suffix are there? (3) When using past time clauses to describe simultaneous events, what are the tenses used in the time clause and the main clause, respectively? (Past continuous, past continuous) To discuss activities that occurred once in the past, which of the following verb tenses would you use? (Simple past) Which of the following activities does not use the past continuous? (activities that started and…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Personalized Plates

    Some ordered because they thought it would be fun to have their favorite numbers and letters on the number plates made specifically for them, when custom number plates were first introduced to the members of the general public. Of course, it is a fact that it's usually abundant and famous people with tailored plates hooked up on his or her high class cars. However, it soon turned out to become a very popular trend that not only famous individuals order custom plates from licensed plate makers.…

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  • Robin Marantz Henig's Essay The Limits Of Friendship

    Human behavior often seems mysterious and hard to predict, and despite this, it follows rules and patterns that can be observed and studied. One such pattern is known as Dunbar’s number. Dunbar’s number is, in fact, a series of numbers that represent the number of friends a typical person has that fit varying categories of familiarity and closeness. Maria Konnikova writes about Robin Dunbar’s research in her essay “The Limits of Friendship.” Robin Marantz Henig discusses the current plight of…

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