Eliel Saarinen

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    Eero Saarinen (1910 –1961) was a Finnish-American architect, born in Kirkkonummi, Finland on August 20, 1910, the same day as his father, to acclaimed Finish Architect Eliel Saarinen (1873-1950) and Sculptress Loja Gesellius Saarinen. Saarinen (Jr.) spent the first 12 years of his life in Finland, constantly surrounded by strong creative influences. While he, his older sister Pipsan, and his parents lived in Finland, his parents would regularly entertain artists, musicians, sculptors, professional architects, and several other intellectuals including names such as composers Jean Sibelius, and Gustav Mahler, art critic Juius Meier-Graefe, writer Maxim Gorki, and sculptor Carl Milles. In 1923, he and his family, moved to the United States, following…

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    last and how he wanted the Chicago Tribune Company to conceived a competition for an architectural structure with a $50,000 first prize, 20,000 for second, and 10,000 for the third competition winner. This massive competition had 263 entries from all around the world consisting of twenty-three countries. To ensure the admiration of the competition, Chicago tribune paid $2,000 to ten nationally different architects to get the designs started and spread the competition. Tribune tower went through…

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