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  • Pain In Brand And Yancey's The Gift Of Pain

    Pain is not defined with a simple statement or phrase. Sure, many attempt this daunting task, defining it as a hurting or discomfort caused by illness or injury, but pain is so much more complex than what anyone could imagine. Most everyone will feel pain in some form or another at least once at some point during their lives; it’s unescapable. All hope is not loss though, as we have a choice to make. We determine how much of an effect of pain has on us. It up to us to either let it consume us and dictate how we life our life, or we choose to rise up to the challenge and fight through it. When we fight, we are we are choosing to be happy, and to say no to the fear and sadness that come along with pain, showing ourselves that we much stronger than we thought we were. What Is Pain? Before reading excerpts in Brand and Yancey’s book, The Gift of Pain, I always considered pain as a necessary evil that everyone faces through their lives. However, while reading my eyes were open to the life-altering realization; pain is a blessing in disguise, benefitting rather than hurting us. Unfortunately, most of society looks incorrectly with fear in the face of pain, letting it be the biggest priority dictating how they live their life. Instead of looking at is as an “invading enemy, we must begin to look at it as a “loyal messenger dispatched within our own body to alter us to some type of danger” (Brand and…

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  • Sacred Pain

    Pain is a form of suffering, physically or mentally that any individual can undergo. Given the perplexity that inexplicable pain can pose it is surprising how common voluntary pain has been among religions of the world. Sacred pain as a sensory or sensual experience played a key role particularly in Medieval Art. In the article, Sacred Pain and the Phenomenal Self by Ariel Glucklich she identifies those who are common to acts of sacred pain, “Ascetics, mystics, and martyrs have sought and…

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  • Pain Experience

    Pain – defined as the physical suffering or discomfort caused by illness or injury has been apart of my experience when dealing with terminally ill patients and my own parents. As a nurse understanding how to deal with pain, death, and the dying process is extremely difficult and you are always met with the worst sensation in knowing that your patient is in so much pain that there is nothing that you can do to stop it. I recall the many nights when my patients were in so much discomfort that…

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  • Barriers To Pain

    barriers to pain management Intro Pain is one of the most common symptoms of cancer, and one of the most challenging subjects for health professionals including Radiation Therapists to address when treating patients. It is important to recognise that pain is ‘an intensely personal experience with biological, psychological and social components’, which is entirely subjective to the person who experiences it. Despite the development of “novel analgesics and updated pain guidelines”, recent studies…

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  • Pain Management Essay

    Poorly managed pain has a number of undesirable physical and psychological consequences in children (Rennick et al, 2002) which can lead to short and long term effect on the nervous system (Sarpell, 2006). For orthopaedic patients, the consequences of poorly managed acute and postoperative pain can be quite significant both short and long terms (Lellan, 2004; Saxe et al, 2001). Orthopaedic studies have shown that the short term effect of poorly managed pain includes slower recovery, longer…

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  • Causes Of Pain Of Toothache

    suffered from the pain of a toothache will surely value knowing some home remedies for toothache. While these remedies do not actually eliminate the dental problem of a decaying tooth; for sure it will help a lot in alleviating the sharp and throbbing often severe pain that comes with the aching teeth. In case the dentist suggests tooth extraction, at least you had reduced the severity of the pain that you are suffering. There are different causal factors that contribute to an aching tooth. But…

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  • Pain Definition Essay

    Some people have felt pain that they described to be worse than death. These extreme pains come in different forms and lengths. Of course, physical pain can occur due to injury. Some injuries can expire after short time, but in that instance the pain felt by the person is unbearable. Longer lasting injuries can affect one’s life and become a constant nuisance. Despite the pains obtained there is also emotional pain. Emotional pain can be obtained through a number of instances. Things like…

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  • Pain In Dreams And Dreaming

    childhood, of being told, ‘if you punch yourself and don’t feel pain then you’re sleeping’. But what if you pinch yourself and feel it; “...pain can be found in dreams and, thus, the saying that pitching with pain indicates that you are not dreaming is falsified,” (Schredl, 2011). The destroyed credibility of a common saying may surprise some; for those who have experienced pain in dreams, it is not worth gawking over such a fact. I am one of the people…

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  • Low Back Pain

    On 10/31/2016, the claimant complained of neck and upper back discomfort. She also presented with a low back pain. According to the provider, to restore a normal function and increased the range of motion, continued exercise was suggested. On 11/14/2016, the claimant presented with a low back pain and neck soreness. It was noted that her upper back was much better. Neuromuscular exercises were recommended to further increase the range of motion and core stability. The claimant had a total of 6…

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  • Pain Of Childbirth

    It is common for different nations to perceive mental processes differently from each other, but the universal, psychological process of pain unifies cultures across the globe. The specific pain of childbirth is a common and expected understanding amongst the women of the world and is defined by her cultural and educational background. Her levels of distress measured verbally or nonverbally, reach out to all mothers as they too have experienced the same pain. The perception of pain and women’s…

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