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  • Pain Modulation Of Pain

    Pain is modulated by descending mechanisms of nociceptive transmission between the brain and spinal cord. Multiple brain regions, pathways, and chemical mediators are involved in this modulation of pain. One type of powerful mediator involved in pain modulation are opioids. Endogenous opioid peptides, as well as exogenous opioid agonists, bind and activate opioid receptors. Activated opioid receptors directly inhibit ON cells and also inhibit GABAergic interneurons which inhibit OFF cells, thus indirectly disinhibiting OFF cells. The net result of opioid receptor activation is inhibition of pain. Mesenchymal stromal cells secrete soluble chemical mediators, including cytokines, which have been implicated in their clinical efficacy in several…

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  • Pain In Brand And Yancey's The Gift Of Pain

    Pain is not defined with a simple statement or phrase. Sure, many attempt this daunting task, defining it as a hurting or discomfort caused by illness or injury, but pain is so much more complex than what anyone could imagine. Most everyone will feel pain in some form or another at least once at some point during their lives; it’s unescapable. All hope is not loss though, as we have a choice to make. We determine how much of an effect of pain has on us. It up to us to either let it consume us…

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  • Barriers To Pain

    barriers to pain management Intro Pain is one of the most common symptoms of cancer, and one of the most challenging subjects for health professionals including Radiation Therapists to address when treating patients. It is important to recognise that pain is ‘an intensely personal experience with biological, psychological and social components’, which is entirely subjective to the person who experiences it. Despite the development of “novel analgesics and updated pain guidelines”, recent studies…

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  • Pain Experience

    Pain – defined as the physical suffering or discomfort caused by illness or injury has been apart of my experience when dealing with terminally ill patients and my own parents. As a nurse understanding how to deal with pain, death, and the dying process is extremely difficult and you are always met with the worst sensation in knowing that your patient is in so much pain that there is nothing that you can do to stop it. I recall the many nights when my patients were in so much discomfort that…

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  • Acute Pain Vs Chronic Pain

    Even though pain seems like such an easy thing to explain, it’s actually quite a complex phenomenon because of how abstract it is; as it differs significantly between each individual. In the simple terms, pain is an unpleasant sensation which can range from mild discomfort all the way to unbearable agony. Whilst many instantly think of pain as being mostly physically, there is also an emotional aspect. The source of physical pain comes about from nerve stimulation, along with various injuries…

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  • Sacred Pain

    Pain is a form of suffering, physically or mentally that any individual can undergo. Given the perplexity that inexplicable pain can pose it is surprising how common voluntary pain has been among religions of the world. Sacred pain as a sensory or sensual experience played a key role particularly in Medieval Art. In the article, Sacred Pain and the Phenomenal Self by Ariel Glucklich she identifies those who are common to acts of sacred pain, “Ascetics, mystics, and martyrs have sought and…

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  • Neck Pain

    Neck pains, if left without treatment could become worse by impacting other physical body components such as shoulders, head as well as rear of the eyes. This might likewise lead to unbearable frustrations and also severe discomfort. Commonly, the mechanical changes that take place to the neck could lead to discomfort. Radicular discomfort takes place when a nerve is pinched. These pinched nerves trigger signs and symptoms like pins and needles, pain, tightness and weakness in the arms. If this…

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  • Back Pain Or Non-Specific Back Pain

    Non-Specific Back Pain Let’s take a closer look at back pain, what it is and what it can be. First of all the simplest differentiating characteristics will be whether the pain is acute or chronic. If the pain is chronic then that means it is a persisting, long lasting pain. It often lasts longer than it is expected to even though the injured area has been treated. Not necessarily something suffered daily but something suffered routinely. If the pain is acute that means it gets better quickly,…

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  • Pain Catastrophizing

    Introduction Pain catastrophizing is defined as a tendency to exaggerate and interpret pain-related experiences in a negative way, and it is associated with the expectation of negative outcomes in ambiguous situations (Parkerson et al., 2013; Sharpe, Johnson, & Dear, 2014). Considering the association between pain catastrophizing and pain-related fear, it is likely that pain catastrophizing can be also considered responsible for persistence of chronic pain (Khatibi, Schrooten, Vancleef, &…

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  • Surgical Pain

    Pain that persists after the surgical wound has healed could be the result of somatic nociception, the consequence of ongoing inflammation (e.g. infection, haematoma), a manifestation of neuropathic pain from surgical injury to peripheral nerves (e.g. complex regional pain syndromes, neuralgias)3 , or from visceral nociception. chronic post surgical pain has been defined as “pathological pain that persists for longer than two months post surgery”. Recently, a mechanism of neuronal plasticity in…

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