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  • Ethical Analysis: The Lead-Based Paint Abatement Repair

    analyze the Lead-Based Paint Abatement Repair and Maintenance Study (1992) conducted by the Kennedy Krieger Institute, in order to provide an ethical analysis of the study. In doing so, I argue that the ethics of the study shifts depending upon which set of non-moral facts an individual chooses to focus on. My stance, however, is that the study was unethical. Before presenting my argument, I place the study within its historical context. Fourteen years before the Lead-Based Paint Abatement Repair and Maintenance Study was conducted, “the…

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  • Process-Analysis Of Art

    Process-Analysis Ever since I was young, art has always been my niche, the one thing that truly defines me. Crayons, markers, finger paints, anything I could get a hold of to create something. I started creating and I never stopped, thanks to my encouraging parents and teachers. I did not get what I needed in my early years of school so started learning how to draw and paint on my own. I taught myself every tip, trick, and technique I could; desperately trying to learn how to better myself. I…

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  • Essay On Toy Safety

    Yes Mattel had acted in a socially responsible and ethical manner with regards to the safety of its toys. Whereas he terminated several dozen suppliers for noncompliance and made numerous changes in its own plant. He also did a recall on the toys that were found panted with lead, which is stated to be a harmful neuro toxin and dangerous to children who ingested or swallow bits of the paint. Mattel could have implemented a strict safety checkpoint from the beginning. As such he could be able to…

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  • Explain Why Is It Important To Engage Infants In Conversation-Like Turn-Taking

    Teachers can use facial expressions to show the child that they are waiting for the child to take a turn. The teacher can also lean close to the child to show the child that he or she has the teacher’s attention. The teacher can also point to the activity or object of interest for the child’s response. 8. Give an example of verbal mapping and explain why this interaction pattern enhances language development among toddlers. • The following is an example of verbal mapping: A teacher is sitting…

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  • Ten Paradoxes Of Technology By Andrew Feenberg

    surfaces we regularly come across are commonly painted. Despite being surrounded by paint however, it’s an artifact that can be easily overlooked. This relates to Andrew Feenburg, Martin Heidegger and Ed Levine’s beliefs regarding technology and art. Even when looking at artwork that’s painted, it’s easy to only consider the formal aspects of the medium or how the medium helps convey a concept. What does it mean to be disconnected from how paint is made or to be heedless of the effects it has…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Ideal American Life

    Jarabacoa city, but Ally had something different in mind. Ally smiled and walked away and when she returned she had three buckets of paint. I looked at her and sheepishly asked, " What are we going to do with the paint, paint with the kids?" She quickly replied, " Not exactly, I want us to repaint the walls and then have the kids come out and put their handprints against the wall." I looked at Abby and smiled thinking how much fun Jadwin would have getting his hand painted. So, we went down the…

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  • Masks In Native American Culture

    carved from red cedar wood. The artisan must take into careful consideration what shrinkage or warping might occur in his work before measuring for a mask. In ancient times, the artisan would have traditionally crafted tools for gouging, shaping, and cutting fine details. However, in the late 18th century, European trade brought superior cutting tools to Native Americans, making masks much easier to produce. This allowed not only a greater number of masks to be made, but also more complex masks…

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  • Painting Process Essay

    and tools available before you begin is most important for making a work of art. Not much is needed to make a masterpiece from paint. Pretty much anything that you are comfortable with be painted on is a suitable surface to be painted! There all many kinds of paints available for purchase and even a homemade paint. The creative techniques are endless when you have the right tool! There are many ways to create and personalize your work of genius! As with any…

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  • Art Analysis: The Japanese Bridge 1923 Art

    It gives us a very new perspective, one that shows us perhaps those tangles brush strokes are not just intentional. Perhaps they are also the brush strokes of a man who is desperately trying to capture what he sees, and yet his eyes remain unsure of their focus. His broad and sometimes counterintuitive swaths of paint begin to make sense, as the fading edges of an image. Monets technique in this piece, while perhaps different, is no less masterful. Even though we are seeing what was to Monet,…

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  • Analysis On Rod Gilbert, Andy Warhol, And The Athlete Series

    synthetic polymer and multicolored silkscreen ink. The portrait seemed to be done with multiple art tools which looked like a large paint brush, possibly a sponge, and what even looked like Warhol’s own fingers. The paint was layered in a variety of ways with some layers thinner than others and some so thick it created a clump in the painting. Though these qualities are especially significant to the artwork there are other substantial details that are important to take note of. The first…

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