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  • Hatohobei State Case Summary

    For a small country setting like Palau, the independent of their Judiciary is always going to be a challenge. Using the case study of Hatohobei State with only 25 people living on it. It has its own constitution, a 9 member legislator, a Governor, a Lieutenant Governor, traditional leader, legislative clerk, a treasurer, an Island Projects Supervisor and two island maintenance officials. Whether the Hatohobei state court would remain impartial when one family members or close relatives turn up for a court hearing would be a challenge given its strong sociocultural environment. Could this western model court system structure be still effective in this case? The introduction of their traditional peacemaking process might work better for them, and to the extent only major disputes may then refer to this modern court system. Also, Palau has been regarded as one of the top premier diving destination with unspoiled beauty and rich marine environment . Similar to any small island country, it has its own legal system that determine to increase foreign investment while simultaneously preserving its cultural and economic heritage from over…

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  • State Responsibility And Climate Change Case Study

    Rising sea levels will increase the frequency or likelihood of extreme sea level events and resultant flooding. The risks from sea level rise are not confined to the coast itself. In many cases flooding may impact areas some distance from the sea for example along estuaries, rivers, lakes and lagoons. To get a better understanding of the issue, this paper will analyse the case study of a small island state in relation with the greenhouse effect. The relevant case study would be Palau, a small…

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  • Personal Essay: Running In Barcelona

    the opportunity to see some of the modernist buildings within the city such as La Sagrada Familia, La Pedrera, Palau de la Música, Casa Batllo and many others. • Montjuïc, the Olympic mountain: This is not for learners but if you want to challenge yourself, give this a try. To have a better physical shape then you need to run through this route. It runs via the facilities made for the Olympics in 1992. This is why this area is regarded as the Olympic mountain. Following this path, afford you the…

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  • Importance Of Land Reclamation

    such as marshes, leading to a loss in biodiversity. Additionally, land has to be reclaimed from the deeper waters which is costly as more sand has to be supplied to the reclaimed area. The absence of the availability of sand would compound the governments’ financial predicament as well. An example of countries who carry out landfill method would be Singapore. Since the 1960s, land constraints have been a serious problem for Singapore, therefore large-scale land reclamation was in the pipeline…

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  • Shark Cage Diving Case Study

    restaurants as the primary ingredient for shark fin soup. Unfortunately as a direct consequence of the shark fin soup industry seventy-three million sharks are killed every year as a result. The shark fin soup industry is the biggest threat facing the shark population today. As a result of the massive amounts of death caused by the shark fin soup industry many worry that this industry will make sharks an extinct species if nothing is done to protect them. Here is where the shark cage diving…

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  • Martin Zebraki's Beyond Public Art

    images. The themes of intimacy, family, and nationality are repeated throughout and are all easily understood and felt by the public. The ability to relate to a work od art creates a profound and personal sense of appreciation for the public work. With regard to Moments of Freedom, people are able to see the power of a narrative and they are able to feel connected to at least some of the many stories. By incorporating the a wide variety of photos from a diverse group of people, Fontcuberta was…

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  • Racial Stereotypes In War Movies

    Nicolas Cage as sergeant Joe Enders has a very difficult job. He has to protect two native Navajo soldiers at all cost. Navajo language was used in order to send successfully encrypted messages between American troops. Japanese could not break the Navajo Code. The plot is set during Mariana and Palau Islands campaign during WW II. Those two Native American troops were supposed to be presented in a noble way, but in fact they were not. They are fulfilling very important mission. Hoverer, during…

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  • Importance Of Cultural Competence In Social Work Practice

    There have been many improvements since the days of the Vietnam War to the most recent War on Terrorism that was felt by every American citizen from the 50 states to the US Territories. The level of service has also greatly improvement for our veteran community here in Guam, but the Department of Veterans Affairs seems to forget about our sister island of the Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas, Federated States of Micronesia and Palau. In the micro level practice I will looked into the…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Television Series Survivor

    television in the United States. We have also seen Survivor struggle against other line ups and move days in order to not lose viewers. The show has long been hailed as the topic of conversation around water coolers, but it may be time they faced their own elimination. The year 2000 brought a new era of reality tv to the forefront. The concept of 16 castaways being stranded on a deserted island, competing for luxuries and voting each other off one by one, was a new concept to most of us. It…

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  • How Does Global Warming Affect Coral Bleaching

    become common and severe (Grottoli et al., 2014). Also El Nino can drive up ocean temperatures across the Pacific causing the coral reefs to bleach even more. The more powerful El Nino seemed to be the more likely to cause bleaching at a faster rate, due to the rapid increase in temperatures. Also the rate of return of bleaching events has been quicker than some reefs can recover. This conversely, left corals without a home and starving for algae. Statistics show now in the days that the…

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