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  • Foreign Terrorist Organizations: Palestine Liberation Front: A Case Study

    Foreign Terrorist Organizations: Palestine Liberation Front (PLF) Author Institution Foreign Terrorist Organizations: Palestine Liberation Front (PLF) FTOs (Foreign Terrorist Organizations) are foreign groups that the Secretary of State designates “in accordance with section 219 of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA)” (“Chapter 6…,” 2012). The designation of FTOs is crucial to fighting terrorism and helps to curtail support for terror activities. Accordingly, section 219 provides criteria for the legal designation of FTOs. First, an organization must be foreign-based in order to be labeled as an FTO. Secondly, the group must be involved in terrorist operations or maintain “the capability and intent to engage in terrorist…

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  • Women's Liberation Of Palestine: A Case Study

    If women are active members of the struggle against occupation and the ongoing violations of Palestinian human rights, they will pass these values on to their children, thus resulting in future generations dedicated to the liberation of Palestine. In this way, women remain key forces in the creation of a resilient and sustainable liberation movement. Women’s involvement in traditionally male-dominated organizations has had lasting impacts on the perception of women in the occupied territories.…

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  • The Straw That Broke The Camel's Back Analysis

    The Straw that Broke the Camel’s Back How the Dawson’s Field Hijackings Forced Jordan to Take Action Against the PLO On September 21, 1970 the cover of Time Magazine read simply “Pirates in the Sky.” It was referring to the hijacking of four planes by the Palestinian militant group the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, or the PFLP. This incident was one of the first cases of airplane hijacking as a took for political blackmail, and it played a significant role in king Hussein’s…

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  • The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Analysis

    killed, and the remaining Jewish people wanted a country to call their own. As a result, they were granted part of Palestine, and this event was the major cause of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict today (“Guide: Why are Israel and the Palestinians fighting over Gaza”). In 1948,…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of The Palestinian And Israeli Conflict Essay

    towns. After all was said and done Israel commanded 70% of Palestine. When many of the Palestinians that fled or were expelled tried to return they were permanently barred from the state. Now those Palestinians that stayed have become second class citizens. A majority of the Palestinians now occupy the West Bank and Gaza strips living in refugee camps seeking to return to their homeland. The history of the conflict changes dramatically depending on who is telling the story and where said…

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  • Mental Health Consequences Of War

    Srinivasa and Rashmi Lakshminarayana, which discusses the many factors that have been affected by the living conditions of Occupied-Palestine. The authors focus mainly on the mental health of the population in result to the trauma. According to their data, there has been an increase in the development of mental disorders and other behaviors such as PTSD, aggressive behavior, and low grades in school. In order to gain more insight of the traumas inflected upon the Palestinian people by Israel,…

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  • The Difference Between Animal Welfare And Animal Rights

    (Geer, p.5). Animal rights activists believe that animals are conscious beings and should be treated as such not as machines and that all organizations that use animals for personal or any kind of human benefit should be shut down (Geer, p.3). Animal welfare activists have more of a make animals suffer less approach. They promote kindness and try to prevent cruelty. They try to make animals suffering as little as possible in industries that use animals for human entertainment or benefit, and…

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  • Reasons Against Animal Testing

    In essence, animal rights is the idea that non-human animals should be treated with respect as an individual with inherent value, and the belief that they are entitled to the possession of their own lives. However, with the increase in demand for new cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and the need for medical research, these rights have been violated by the act of animal testing. I will argue that animal testing shouldn’t be a method we adopt. In support of my claim, I will offer three reasons. Firstly,…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Animal Testing

    Animal testing is inhumane and neglects animals’ rights. While animal testing is vile and does not uphold animal rights, it is necessary for medical research. We shouldn't pause medical research because activists feel bad for an overpopulated species. In “Using Animals For Testing: Pros Versus Cons” ,Ian Murnaghan, a medical writer, elucidates his “Personal Choice” saying, “ While there are numerous pros and cons of animal testing, ethical aspect overshadows both of them, which means that…

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  • Essay On Animal Testing On Animals

    Cheryl Ou Ms. Emily English Language and Art Guinea Pigs’ Paradise Do you know how much unnecessary risks that animals have been undertaken for us? Probably not. Animal testing can be counted as one of the most inhumane behaviors in the world. According to the US statistic, millions of animals are killed due to cosmetic testing each year. While some of the experiments conducted on animals today are required by law, in areas such like vaccine, drugs and food developments, but most of them…

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