Mental Health Consequences Of War

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Unit Paper #2
“Look into my eyes, tell me what you see. You don’t see a damn thing because you can’t relate to me. You blinded by our differences. My life makes no sense to you. I’m the persecuted one. You the red, white, and blue” (Outlandish 2005). As Americans, we are given the privilege of not fearing for our lives every waking moment. For many of us, our biggest concerns are quite miniscule. For instance, my biggest concern at the moment is if I’m going to pass my microbiology class, and if I’ll find parking at the Nutwood structure before my 10 am class. For others, it’s if they will pay their bills on time or if they will surpass the 5 pm traffic on the 91 freeway. As troubling as these situations may seem, none of these amount
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Srinivasa and Rashmi Lakshminarayana, which discusses the many factors that have been affected by the living conditions of Occupied-Palestine. The authors focus mainly on the mental health of the population in result to the trauma. According to their data, there has been an increase in the development of mental disorders and other behaviors such as PTSD, aggressive behavior, and low grades in school. In order to gain more insight of the traumas inflected upon the Palestinian people by Israel, I will study the article, “Community Psychology Under Colonial Occupation: The Case of Palestine” by Mark Burton, which discusses his first-hand accounts of traveling to Palestine in 2013. He provides in great details how the state of Palestine became to be known as Israel. As well as the struggles the Palestinians have to go through on a daily basis. “Maltreatment and Coping Strategies Among Male Adolescents Living in the Gaza Strip” by Abdel Thabet, Victoria Tishcler, and Panos Vostanis, discusses the maltreatment and behavioral discrepancies among young males. This will provide explicit details on how the young male population is affected and how one surpasses the trauma. The fourth article I will examine is titled, “Counseling and Mental Health Care in Palestine” by Lamise Shawahin and Ayse Cifitci, which discusses the options and access Palestinians have to health care and counseling. It’ll present the opportunities that Palestinians have in order to receive the necessary help and to overcome their depression and

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