Second Intifada

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  • Foreign Terrorist Organizations: Palestine Liberation Front: A Case Study

    from Baghdad before Operation Iraqi Freedom. Talat Yaakub joined Abu Abbas to establish PLF after their split from PFLP – GC because the group supported Syria during Lebanon’s civil war. PLF, which Abbas led until his death in 2004 while in captivity, is well-known for its 1985’s hijacking of “Achille Lauro cruise ship, during which the hijackers killed wheelchair-bound Jewish passenger Leon Klinghoffer” (Anti-Defamation League (ADL), 2013). Towards the end of the 1980s, Abbas merged his group with Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) following his election to the executive committee of the PLO. Subsequently, his support for Oslo Accords led him to renounce terror activities. Nevertheless, PLF resumed violence during Palestine’s second intifada participating in the killing of an Israeli juvenile and a bombing attempt near Haifa. Favored Tactics The group’s favored techniques have been paramilitary attacks and hostage-taking against military and civilian targets. In particular, the faction has been known to carry out aerial onslaughts against Israel (“Palestine Liberation…,” 2004). For example, PLF first became widely-known for employing hot air balloons and hang gliders in eccentric terror attacks against the Israelis (Mannes, 2003). Moreover, the organization has used small rockets and arms to attack Israel and undermine peace negotiations between Israel and PLO. Anti-American Activities PLF agents captured Achille Lauro cruise ship in the Mediterranean on 7th October…

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  • Israel And Palestine Conflict Essay

    I/ Introduction: This paper was commissioned by Ms Xiang Gao, a lecture at International Pacific College (IPC). Its purpose is to examine and analyse the conflict between Palestine and Israel in Middle East. The conflict between Israel and Palestine can be considered the most intractable conflict in the world. This conflict has been started since the late 19th and the early 20th centuries. Israel is the country, which is the only Jewish state in the world. It locates in the East of the…

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  • Israeli Commander Case Study

    positive way to extricate Israel from the conflict, thus decreasing its vulnerability to terrorism. Despite the fact that General Hacohen was both an intelligent and compassionate leader, he was challenged by finding the balance between the two vastly different points of view. Through his understanding of the intellectual standard of fairness, General Hacohen concluded that the rights and needs of the settlers were, in fact, considered on the same plane with the rights and needs of the Israeli…

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  • Palestinian Rejectionism

    Kuperwasser and Lipner are wrong about how one should recognize the Israeli state. A state, by definition, is a polity, a community of organized peoples under one system of governance. As one can easily see, a state is a political entity neither religious nor ethnic. Hence, when President Abbas stated that he’s willing to recognize an Israeli state that is home to Jewish people along with other groups, he’s virtually accepting the existence of said state. Evidently, Palestine is willing to…

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  • Nakb Palestine, 1948, And The Claims Of Memory Analysis

    present-day experiences that Al-Qattan defines in this chapter. In Chapter 8, an analysis of the gender issues related to the member of Nakba are defined in an article by Isabelle Humphries and Laleh Khalili. This gender perspective illustrates the differences between the male and female perspectives of gender divides, which provide differing narratives in the historical memory of Nakba in 1948. This is dominance of Palestinian males over Palestinian females provides a problem as “Palestinian…

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  • The Influence Of The First Arab-Israeli War

    British slowly shifted their backing to the Arab populace in the area. By 1939 not only had they portioned the land of which Arabs’ held the majority, but also “restricted Jewish immigration to Palestine to 75000” over a 5 year period as stated in the White Papers. This shift in backing could possibly be due to the need for oil of which the Arab nations had lots of as well as the necessity in keeping peace and control of the Suez Canal in Egypt. Having had to deal with an array of violent…

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  • Terrorism And Conflict

    concluded the direct of both sides in wording drawn from the simply war custom. These are noble motivation, final resort or the accessibility of other options to fear based oppression to achieve a worthwhile motivation, and the likelihood that psychological warfare will understand a worthy motivation. He also discusses the various definitions of terrorism, categorical morality, and consequentialist morality. Slater’s focal contention is that as opposed to the standard mythology, particularly in…

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  • Summary Of The Film Paradise Now By Hany Abu-Assad

    string that triggers the explosive; there are no targets around to be bombed, so the only casualty would be himself. Abu-Assad demonstrates that Said does not care so much about the goals of the resistance or religion as much as his intent to get away from his dreary life. It is not surprising, then, that Said kills himself by the end of the movie. However, Abu-Assad’s decision to set Said’s suicide at a bus in Tel Aviv, filled with Israelis, and the videography of the last minute of the movie…

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  • Mental Health Consequences Of War

    Unit Paper #2 “Look into my eyes, tell me what you see. You don’t see a damn thing because you can’t relate to me. You blinded by our differences. My life makes no sense to you. I’m the persecuted one. You the red, white, and blue” (Outlandish 2005). As Americans, we are given the privilege of not fearing for our lives every waking moment. For many of us, our biggest concerns are quite miniscule. For instance, my biggest concern at the moment is if I’m going to pass my microbiology…

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  • BG Hacohen Case Study

    After the Six Days War ended in 1967, the Israeli began establishing a settlement in Gaza Strip and West Bank. Almost four decades later, an increase terrorist threat to Israel, protecting the interest and security of the Israeli at two fronts was putting many strains on the government’s national security. In 2003, Prime Minister Ariel Sharon officially announced that he was pulling out his people from Gaza Strip and northern West Bank . The Israeli Defense Force (IDF) and national police would…

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