From Junol To Taba What Went Wrong Analysis

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The history of the Israeli-Palestinian peace process is as tumultuous and complicated as the conflict itself. In his article “From Oslo to Taba: What Went Wrong?” Ron Pundak breaks down the underlying reasons of the failure of the Oslo Accords, Camp David and The Taba Summit. The main premise of his argument was that peace, or a pathway to peace, were squandered by mismanagement and miscalculation of the entire process by Israeli, the United States, and the Palestinian Authority. Although his analysis is thorough, and does make many valid points, I contend that to understand the failure of the process one must also include some additional points. First, the continued occupation in the West Bank and Gaza after the Oslo Accords, and the worsening living conditions, failure of Israel to abide to some of the terms of the agreement, and the increasing militarization of the Israeli Defense Force all increased the frustration and mistrust of the Palestinian people toward Israel, and made them less hopeful of the peace …show more content…
The Mitchell committee, which was put in place to find the reasons of the Second Intifada, found that the ongoing occupation was the main cause of the intifada (“The second”). From 1993-2000 there was A 117% increase in settlers in Gaza, 46% increase in west bank, and Israel fully controlled all of East Jerusalem, 20% of Gaza and 59% of the West Bank (“the second”). Israel also still controlled taxation revenue, expelled 1600 Palestinians from Jerusalem, and confiscated over 51,000 acres of Palestinian land from 1993-2000 (“The Second”). The worsening of the occupation conflicted with the hope that Palestinians had derived from the Oslo Accords, and made them lose hope in the implicit goal of an independent Palestinian state in the near

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